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Intermodal transport

Marco Polo


Conference on eFreight,
17 February 2009


Measures to support freight transport
18 October 2007




Exercise to identify bottlenecks in Freight Transport Logistics

Research, Demonstration and Co-ordination Activities

Public consultations



Modern logistics solutions for competitiveness and sustainability



Keeping freight moving

The European Commission is proposing a series of measures to promote the freight transport logistics, make rail freight more competitive, create a framework which will allow European ports to attract investment for their modernisation, put maritime freight transport on an equal footing with other transport modes and review progress made in developing Motorways of the Sea.

| Package of measures to support freight transport  

| Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan

| Freight-Oriented Railway Network

| Ports Policy

| Maritime and Short Sea-Shipping

Vice-President Jacques Barrot
Press conference (Oct 2007)
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Package of measures to support freight transport

The EU's freight transport agenda: Boosting the efficiency, integration and sustainability of freight transport in Europe
Communication from the Commission

Press release
Freight transport in Europe: new Commission initiatives aimed at achieving greater efficiency and sustainability


Logistics: keeping freight moving

Action Plan to keep freight moving

Towards a more competitive rail freight sector

Maritime transport without barriers



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