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|Freight Integrator Action Plan

Freight Integrator Action Plan

The White Paper on European transport policy for 2010 emphasised the role of transport flows organisers as a developing profession – “freight integrators” - able to combine the specific strength of each mode at European and world wide level to offer their clients the best services, in the broader sense.

These organisers of international freight transport face a complex and difficult task. They must master a range of legal, technical and commercial issues in order to arrange door to door shipments. As announced in the White Paper the Commission is examining ways to support the organizers of freight transport and intends to produce an Action Plan in the near future.  

Study on Freight Integrators

In order to provide input to the development of the Freight Integrator Action Plan had a study performed to provide recommendations for Community action.

The objective of the study was to analyse and assess the level of intermodal integration in European freight transport. On this basis it  has developed the concept of a "Freight Integrator" as proposed in the White Paper.  The study made the following recommendations to favour the emergence of this advanced type of transport and logistics service provider:

  • Promote Intermodal Transport to shippers and freight forwarders;
  • Support training for Freight Integrators;
  • Harmonise intermodal regimes, equipment and liability;
  • Support the quality of Freight Integrators through certification and benchmarking.

Disclaimer: The studies have been carried out at the request of the European Commission. The content of these studies and the views expressed remain the responsibility of the contractors

Study on Freight Integrators, to the Commission of the European Communities - Final Report,
Service Contract N° ETU/B2-7040B-S07.18491/2002 , 16/09/2003

Public Consultation

Prior to publishing a Freight Integrator Action Plan the Commission invited  interested parties to comment on the consultation paper "Supporting the organisers of intermodal freight transport"

Consultation Paper: "Supporting the organisers of intermodal freight Transport"  

The consultation closed on the  29th  October 2003.


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