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17 February 2009


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18 October 2007




Exercise to identify bottlenecks in Freight Transport Logistics

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Exercise to identify bottlenecks and their solutions in freight transport logistics

The Directorate General for Energy and Transport at the European Commission has initiated a Europe-wide exercise to identify bottlenecks that hamper the development of freight transport logistics in Europe. Contributions are invited from all stakeholders involved in the sector, including industry, the social partners and Member States' authorities.

Interested parties are invited to participate in this exercise by providing details of specific bottlenecks and, if possible, suggesting solutions.

The background to the exercise and details on how to participate are contained in the letter sent to stakeholders


Contributions should be sent by e-mail to

The exercise will be ongoing and new bottlenecks can be added at any time, however, in order to establish an initial inventory and provide a basis for future work, a deadline of 15 February 2007 has been set for collection of the 'first round' of bottlenecks


last update: 19-12-2008