Following the public consultation on "Enablers for Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services", the European Commission is organising a stakeholder workshop on 16 April 2013, in Brussels.

This workshop aims at presenting and discussing the results of the public consultation as well as at gathering additional inputs and opinions on key issues such as

  • Access to travel data,
  • Aspects related to interoperability of data formats, exchange protocols and licenses, and
  • Stakeholder cooperation, necessary for successful project delivery and deployment.

Should you want to participate, please send an e-mail to

Participation is free of charge. However, the Commission cannot reimburse any costs for travel or accommodation.

More information about the workshop


The guidelines for deployment of ITS in urban regions prepared by the Urban ITS Expert Group are now published. The topic of multimodal information services in urban regions is prominently covered. Have a look and share your opinion:


Taking stock of the results of the 1st Smart Mobility Challenge and following up on the work in the domain of multimodal journey planning and information services carried out under the ITS Action Plan (Action 1.5 Promotion of multimodal journey planners) and ITS Directive (priority action (a) provision of EU-wide multimodal information), the European Commission has launched an online public consultation on Enablers for European multimodal travel planning and information services.

This consultation will last for 12 weeks. Questionnaires should be returned by 12 March 2013 at the very latest.

Give your opinion on a number of remaining challenges preventing the broad deployment of Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services, and on a number of measures the European Commission is proposing to overcome them.

Online questionnaire

For more information, please visit the consultation page.


The winners of the 1st Smart Mobility Challenge participated to the 3rd ITS Conference and to the 19th ITS World Congress, held back-to-back in Vienna 22-26 October 2012.

During the ITS Conference, there has been a specific panel dedicated to the results of the Challenge, where the representatives of all four winning companies could present to the public their innovative solutions.

Download presentations

Throughout the duration of the ITS World Congress, all four projects were hosted at the stand of the European Commission, in the exhibition area, where the representatives of all companies had the opportunity to interact with the visiting public and make a real-time demonstration of their respective planners on the computers.


Have a peek at the 'Ideas' tab, where we are publishing many ideas that have been submitted for the 1st Smart Mobility Challenge. We want to foster further debate about innovative solutions in multimodal journey planning, ahead of the ITS World Congress in Vienna in October, and to give all the stakeholders an opportunity to get in touch with each other.


On 26 March 2012, the four winners of the 1st Smart Mobility Challenge were invited to Brussels to present their planners and ideas. First, they visited DG MOVE, where they met with the Acting Director of Directorate C "Innovative and sustainable mobility", Mr Fotis Karamitsos, and with the European officials working on multi-modal topics.

Then, they participated in the meeting of the TRAN (Transport and Tourism) Committee of the European Parliament. Vice President Siim Kallas, Commissioner for Mobility and Transport introduced the Smart Mobility Challenge and its winners to Honourable Members of the European Parliament ( link pdf - 83 KB [83 KB] ), Mr Brian Simpson, Chairman of the TRAN Committee, who participated in the selection of the best 'innovative ideas', also congratulated the winners.

The winners shortly introduced their operational planners or ideas, and answered questions of the Committee members. A number of issues for further successful development of the multimodal, EU-wide, journey planners were mentioned: the availability of transport data, and its interoperable formats. The European Commission and the European Parliament plan on working together in order to overcome these obstacles.


Courtesy of ERTICO - ITS Europe


You can find the presentations of the winners here:

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