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TENtec Team:

Helmut MORSI, PhD - Team Leader

Sorin-Ştefan ANDREI - GIS group coordinator

Augustina BUDAI - TENtec Developer/reporting

Thomas GASCOIGNE - TENtec Developer

Yves HARDY - Content Manager

Mohammadi LAAZZOUZI - Content group coordinator

Sébastien LIM - Head of IT, TENtec

Savvas PELONIS - UI Designer, Webmaster

Laurent PREILLON - TENtec developer

TEN-T network:

© EC, DG MOVE, TENtec 2013


© OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA


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The displayed TEN-T trajectories and TEN-T nodes are based on the TEN-T Guideline proposal of the European Commission, including corrigendum, COM(2011)650 Final2 of 19/12/2012. The background geographic images are taken from the indicated sources.