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Harmonised community codes

Council Directive 97/26/EC has established a list of harmonised community codes that has to be applied to the driving licence in order to guarantee a coherent application of driving restrictions and vehicle adaptations. This list of codes has been inserted into Annexes I and Ia of Directive 91/439/EEC on driving licences (which lay down the provisions concerning the two alternative community driving licence models).

Also, Directive 97/26/EC adds a new article 7b to Directive 91/439/EEC, which establishes a driving licence committee. This committee has competence to adopt the necessary modifications for the adaptation of parts of Annex I and Ibis concerning the harmonised codes, as well as to adapt Annexes II and III to scientifical and technical progress.

The regulary meetings of the aforementioned committee have clearly proved that the list of codes as introduced by Directive 97/26/EC was not sufficiently detailed to cover all possible vehicle adaptations and the driving restictions for which a code was considered neccesary. The committee has therefore agreed on a modified list of codes and sub-codes that is considerably more detailed then the original list of Directive 97/26/EC. This new list can be found in Annex I to Commission Directive 2000/56/EC.

This new list of code and sub-code reflects the technical possibilities and the state of the art in the domain of vehicle adaptations. The list also reflects in greater detail vehicle adaptations which are indicated for medical reasons, taking into account a larger number of individual adaptations for physically handicaped drivers.


last update: 03-02-2009