en Event details about... Event details about... Framework contract for impact assessment and evaluation ('ex ante', intermediate and 'ex post') studies in the field of transport 26/06/2013 00:00:00 1 08012624810c1e96 27/06/2013 COMM/TREN/EN Event details about... COMM/TREN en 36-Call for tenders 29-000-Transport European Union European Commission EU transport call for tender strategies sustainable air road rail maritime inland waterways Intelligent transport system urban mobility urban mobility infrastructure security safety passengers rights international relations research European Commission – Transport policy directly affects everyone in Europe Time-limit for receipt of tenders: 21/08/2013 Contract notice: JO S 122-208384 Corrigendum nr 1 Tenders invitation Specifications Draft contract Questions & Answers (updated 26/08/2013)