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European road safety actions aimed at tackling problems related to vulnerable road users, children, elderly and young drivers

Deadline: 20/10/2014

New ! (19/12/2014)

The number of applications being very high, the selection process is therefore taking longer than indicated. The participants will be informed of the results of the evaluation in March 2015 at the latest. Each applicant (the coordinator in case of multi-beneficiary application) will be informed by letter as foreseen in call documents.

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Call for proposals pdf - 146 KB [146 KB]  (updated 29/07/2014)

Corrigendum to the call for proposals pdf - 89 KB [89 KB] (15/10/2014)

Frequently asked questions pdf - 189 KB [189 KB]  (updated 17/10/2014)

Standard grant application form for "Grants for an action":

Annex to grant application form: grant application budget:

Financial Viability Check tool excel8book - 71 KB [71 KB]

Draft grant agreement: