RIDERSCAN launches new survey on Intelligent Transport Systems and Motorcycling Safety

The RIDERSCAN project is launching the 3rd and last survey targeting European motorcyclists. Focusing on new technologies and powered two wheelers, the survey will feed the RIDERSCAN report on Traffic Management, providing a unique opportunity to European riders to express their views on coming intelligent transport technologies.

Today, transporting people, goods, and information in the most efficient way has become critical for Europe to remain competitive globally. Technological development is often intended to provide people with more freedom and the time to perform other activities in a better way and is seen by all major stakeholders as an essential component of tomorrow's transport system.

Motorcycling is about freedom and powered two wheeler (PTW) users are regular market consumers using new technology to "gain time" and "freedom", to improve their riding experience or to increase their safety.

However, the riding activity, particularly complex, differs greatly from the driving one and has, up to now been poorly studied. As a result, most of discussed technologies are coming from the car industry, designed with little understanding of the riding constraints, and have led to poor acceptance by the riders. Moreover, motorcycle accident causation and risk factors are not fully known and the current state-of-the art of ITS for transport has not undergone any impact assessment with regard to positive or negative consequences for motorcycling. More specifically, no research has been done taking into consideration the variety of riding models and the specificities of the riding tasks. Hence, motorcycling needs to be carefully understood and integrated into ITS innovation and deployment today to guarantee that motorcyclists can also "benefit" from technological improvement, and not simply "pay a tribute" for it.

In this context, the RIDERSCAN project is launching a new survey on ITS and motorcycling safety. The ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems - User Survey is the 3rd and last survey launched in the context of the project and will feed the report on Traffic Management and new technologies.

With the objective to draw a European map of rider awareness and acceptance of new technologies applied to the transport systems, the survey is asking riders to evaluate willingness to test, use, and buy systems, which are, for a wide majority of them, far from being introduced in the market.

The survey is divided in 2 main sections :

  1. About yourself and your mobility habits : to gather information about your experience and road habits in general (1 page - 18 questions) => 2 minutes
  2. About ITS applications/systems for PTW safety : to have your opinion on applications discussed among ITS experts => between 15 and 20 minutes depending on how familiar you are with the topic.

Answer the survey by clicking here

With the objective to collect the views of those first impacted by the development of new technologies on bikes, RIDERSCAN aims at bridging the gap between road safety authorities, researchers, and industry stakeholders by setting up a detailed survey over ITS systems in relation with motorcycling and riding activities.

The survey will last for 3 months and preliminary results will be presented at the next European Motorcyclists Forum on March 5th, 2014 in the European Parliament, Brussels.

More information on www.europeanmotorcyclistsforum.eu