Forum postponed to 28 & 29 of November 2013

Dear Youth Delegates, Colleagues, Friends and Followers,

The 5th edition of the EYFRS is slightly changing dates, but for a better impact!
As you can imagine, this very Forum requires lots of preparation and involvement from the Youth Taskforce Team, composed by former Youth Delegates, assuming all extra tasks to make this venue as relevant and useful as possible.

However, due to unexpected administrative delays occurring in Italy (in spite of our will), inevitably leading to some extra organizational matters, the foreseen timeframe to hold the EYFRS venue is getting jeopardized…  In order to avoid any kind of related consequences, we together decided to postpone it to the end of November, in the same place: in the Province of Crotone (Italy).

Aware of the Youth Delegates’ busy agenda and activities along the year, a new date is of course already confirmed, enabling everyone to take new dispositions, long enough in advance. The EYFRS will still be taking place in the Province of Crotone (Italy) and organized by Responsible Young Drivers, and all Taskforce Members, on the following dates:

- November 27, 2013 – Pre-Forum (organized by the Province of Crotone)
- November 28, 2013 – EYFRS 2013 (DAY 1)
- November 29, 2013 – EYFRS 2013 (DAY 2)

The EYFRS Taskforce of course apologizes for any inconvenience it may cause in your agenda; however we still rely on YOU to make it even bigger. All participants and guests will shortly receive an official notification email in order to confirm their presence within the new dates.

This EYFRS edition takes a real professional turn, requiring patience and hard work, but we’ll make it all together, to save more lives.

More information will be coming soon.
Meanwhile, feel free to fill up the EYFRS survey on Public Transports on the following link (if you are still under 35 years old, as it is a youth targeted survey):, and diffuse it to your friends.  

Thank you for your great support!