The “5th Edition of the European Youth Forum for Road Safety” has been fixed on the 26th and 27th of September 2013.

After a year and a half of constant implementation and permanent networking, the EYFRS 2013 has finally determined a date and will be exceptionally held in Italy, hosted by the Province of Crotone, coordinated by Responsible Young Drivers, and supported by the European Commission (DG MOVE). The Forum will as usual welcome 2 Youth Delegates per EU Member State (selected on the basis of their active involvement in road safety) to debate on the current road safety matters involving youngsters all across Europe, and hence come up with concrete solutions.

Its content will be based on the outcomes of “3 Workshops” gathering 10 young Taskforce Members (selected on their active involvement regarding the previous EYFRS Editions), and focusing on the topics highlighted during the “European Road Safety Day” held in Cyprus in July 2012:

WS1: Paris, France – 22/23/24 April 2013 – “Innovative multimedia & new technologies”: The EYFRS Taskforce will work on how improving the EYFRS sustainability, as an independent entity through the efficient use of social medias and Audiovisual technologies. (Workshop hosted by LASER Europe)

WS2: Athens, Greece – 09/10 May 2013 – “Pedestrians awareness”: In order to walk along with the European and global strategy during the ERSD & the UNRSC Week, starting on the 6th of May 2013, the EYFRS will put the stress on Pedestrians which are often neglected as road users by drivers. As a fact, due to economic issues or delaying the driving licence exam, youngsters are highly represented as pedestrians and should therefore get along with self-risk mitigation, while drivers must take them into higher consideration. In Europe, from all traffic fatalities, the proportion of pedestrian fatalities is about 17%. It is also important to consider the influence of cultural habits; for instance, the proportion of pedestrian fatalities varies from 10% in Belgium and the Netherlands to 35% in Poland. “Walking is nowadays about 16 times more dangerous than car travel.” (Workshop hosted by RSI Panos Mylonas)

WS3: Debrecen, Hungary – 06/07 June 2013 – “Alcohol & Driving” and “Enforcement”: Alcohol and Driving will be the first topic developed during this 3rd Workshop, as it remains the biggest killer on the road despite all prevention activities and enforcement measures in place. Compared to drugs and driving awareness which is better understood as it is often culturally considered as dangerous, alcohol trivialization makes prevention harder, while it even keeps on being promoted by companies but also by everyone, without even noticing it: “A last bier before leaving? For the road?”. Enforcement is therefore part of the answer, although not the only solution; a combination with awareness programs might therefore be a key for better results. (Workshop hosted by HAHA)

Finally, the Province of Crotone will welcome us all: former Youth Delegates, new coming Youth Delegates, Taskforce Members, as well as road safety, health, communication and youth experts, authorities, stakeholders and more, all aiming at structuring the EYFRS Network to fulfil the 2020 objectives to halve the number of road fatalities among youngsters by 50%, following the European Policy Orientations for Road Safety 2011-2020.

Further details and Taskforce follow ups will be progressively published on the EYFRS Facebook page. Until then, never forget that we are the rhythm, the hope and the answer: “Together, we’ll make our roads safer!”