European Week of Courtesy on the Road

European Week of Courtesy on the Road – French Poster

The European Day of Courtesy on the Road (EDCR) is an original awareness campaign that aims at improving, in a lasting way, the behaviour of all road users throughout Europe.

Months before the event, an EDCR pre-campaign invites (through a mailing) citizens, schools, companies, governments and other stakeholders to participate in the event. All those stakeholders are in charge to disseminate the road safety messages through the use of different materials of the campaign, such as posters, leaflets, stickers, gadgets, etc.

Several websites (e.g., present the project and the partners who will spread the message across the country. The actions take place in the capital and other regions of the country in order to increase the impact of the campaign. During that very day, various initiatives take place, such as volunteers, set at the main crossroads of the city centres, distributing folders explaining the message of courtesy, giving advice to the drivers. The folder is given with a chocolate candy and of course with the smile of the volunteers...

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