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Community Road Accident Database

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June 2006
March 2006
  • EU member states (except BE): data until 2004 in overview tables
  • EUR-15 member states (GR, ES, IE, NL, PT): data for 2003 in detailed tables and graphs
  • EUR-15 member states (DK, FR, AT, FI, UK): data for 2004 in detailed tables and graphs
February 2006
October 2005
April 2005
  • EU member states (except BE, SK): data until 2003 in overview tables
  • EUR-15 member states (except BE, IT): data for 2002 in detailed tables and graphs
September 2004
August 2004
  • New detailed data :
    1998: L
    1999: L
    2000: DK, L, NL
    2001: L, NL
    2002: DK, E, IRL, L, NL, S
    2003: A
February 2004
  • New studies :
    • Number of fatalities in CARE-countries for the accident features concerning a. mopeds and b. speed limit motorways (SWOV, Netherlands)
    • Heavy goods vehicle accidents (KfV, Austria)
January 2004
December 2003
November 2003
  • Restructuring of the website
  • New accident statistics using the most recent available data :
    • Detailed breakdown for each country
    • Breakdown by age group and road user type
  • Two new studies :
    • Evolution and Typology of Accidents and Severity (CETE)
    • Investigating explanatory factors in fatality trends and rates between EU countries Investigating differences in definitions and collection procedures (DfT)
October 2003
  • New detailed data :
    2001: B, EL
    2002: F, A, FIN, UK(*)

    (*) Data for Northern Ireland are missing

September 2003
May 2003
  • New graphs added : 
      People aged 6-11 killed or seriously injured in road accidents, for each hour and day of the week (rate by population in the age group)
March 2003
  • New data added :
    1998: P (*)
    1999: P (*)
    2000: P (*)
    2001: DK, F, IRL, P (*)
    2002: P (*)

    (*) Age of driver is missing

January 2003
  • Data for Spain for the years 1999, 2000 and 2001 added
December 2002
  • New topic 'Various graphs' added
      People aged 18-25 killed in road accidents, for each hour and day of the week
November 2002
  • New category 'Vehicle Group' added
  • Graphical representations of all statistical tables
  • New data added :
      2000 : B, EL, IRL, FIN, S, UK (Northern Ireland data are missing)
      2001 : A, FIN, S, UK (Northern Ireland data are missing)
  • Links to websites of national and international institutions
July 2002
  • CARE website published on the internet
last update: 01-08-2006