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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
492732414487-46 Olivia Lind Haldorsson/Bottes Vertes Details
317278216034-07 Öljy- ja biopolttoaineala ry - Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association Details
800587316365-14 Olympus Advisors S.r.l. Details
573903919385-15 Omega Networking UG Details
748971213813-94 OMH Desarrollos y Proyectos Details
88889756-78 OMNICONSUL - Public Affairs Consultancy Lda Details
831180018049-48 Omnitel Ltd. Details
126357213602-39 OMR Conseil Details
94274031992-65 OMV Aktiengesellschaft Details
52102399616-04 Oncotest GmbH Details
26098317349-65 ONE Details
797200019731-91 onefinestay Details
022323818546-78 One Policy Place Details
216318120246-31 OneWeb Details
50318109352-58 ONG Centre Européen de Recherche et de Prospective Politique Details
479450815610-27 ONL voor Ondernemers Details
92649098142-18 Only Representative Organisation Details
582808718534-59 ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH Details
154167914138-60 OPĆINA VIŠKOVO Details
90567096475-75 OP Cooperative, Financial Group Details
6781451805-03 Opel Group Details
414957820141-06 Open & Agile Smart Cities Details
594435418712-96 Openbare VLaamse Afvalstoffenmaatschappij Details
807840314371-39 Open Dialog Foundation Details
90518441599-14 Open Doors International Details
73494557272-88 Open Europe Details
399010520432-53 OpenExp Details
41582011853-60 Open Gate Italia Details
776567719425-17 Open Government Partnership Details
589774116838-26 Open Internet Project Details
302618813194-25 Openlabs Details
232678519050-87 OpenMedia Engagement Network Details
092532519823-79 OPEN Neighbourhood - Communicating for a stronger partnership: connecting with citizens across the Eastern Neighbourhood EuropeAid/136508/DH/SER/Multi Details
223107019550-70 Open Rights Group Details
346569914542-10 Open Road Details
772073518645-73 Open Russia Details
8557515321-37 Open Society European Policy Institute Details
365969219933-54 OpenStreetMap Foundation Details
934919720425-35 Open Universiteit in the Netherlands Details
89177745094-63 OPERA Research Center Details
29998399550-65 Opower-UK LTD Details
204833515454-79 OPPORTUNITY ASBL Details
714434818274-85 Optiin Details
71649199722-38 Optimum Consulting Details
459746620316-49 OPUS INSPECTION, Inc. Details
25955391451-88 Oracle Details
76704342721-41 Orange Details
861487812503-18 Orange Bird Lda Details
16882829269-03 Ordem dos Enfermeiros Details

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