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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
47922738433-52 Tobacco Industry Platform Details
169778610761-14 Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association Details
27567784437-46 Tobaksindustrien, (Tobacco Manufactures Association of Denmark) Details
067811515680-81 Tobaksproducenterne Details
517895213252-95 Tomas Horejsi Details
828715012462-94 TOMRA Systems ASA Details
249088913053-29 Toneelhuis Details
174036315284-47 Top Institute Food and Nutrition Details
37074576972-51 Top Strategies Details
076087414617-89 Törkel Consulting Details
13229399993-64 Total Internet Group B.V. Details
1849405799-88 TOTAL S.A. Details
67565588046-44 Touchdown Consulting Details
13240573171-36 Tourcom Details
070357813063-97 Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A. / Polish Power Exchange S.A. Details
926806114946-64 Towarzystwo Jezusowe Centrum Duchowości Details
686804914548-17 Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Rzek Iny i Gowienicy Details
24082737690-57 Towers Watson Limited Details
866188014384-88 Town planning and development agency of Saint-Omer region Details
016371114093-01 Toy Industries of Europe Details
5378003762-62 TOYOTA MOTOR EUROPE Details
068204314913-77 Trade Justice Movement Details
956363012640-91 Trade Secrets & Innovation Coalition Details
77510791109-40 Trades Union Congress (UK) Details
640787712903-96 Trading Standards Institute Details
230498612151-87 Tramitacion, Gestion e Inversiones Elx SL Details
570335813082-79 Trans Adriatic Pipeline Details
724469515111-08 Transat A.T Inc Details
89092554724-82 Trans-Atlantic Business Council Details
534385811072-96 Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue Details
95713206856-14 Transatlantic Institute Details
923710115785-95 Transatlantic Policy Network Details
042383714852-64 Transdev Group Details
14605998391-97 Transeo AISBL, European Association for SME Transfer Details
366997312527-51 Trans European Policy Studies Association Details
88515309661-17 Trans Europe Experts Details
77147007797-57 Transform Drug Policy Foundation Details
49864752280-23 Transfrigoroute International Details
384028912403-82 Transgender Europe Details
257618413769-19 Transgero Details
970589813333-52 Transitiegroep Stroopwafel Details
35237447968-05 Transnational Institute Details
675329913649-78 Transparency International Deutschland e.V. Details
501222919-71 Transparency International Liaison Office to the European Union Details
58744833263-19 Transport and Environment (European Federation for Transport and Environment) Details
152606314112-24 Transport Economics Ltd Details
41712511261-57 Transport en Logistiek Nederland Details
735871912592-78 Transportfackens yrkes- och arbetsmiljönämnd Details
955065910148-41 Transport for London Details
78965944361-93 TransportGruppen TGS Service AB Details

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