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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
884511820639-57 Breast Cancer UK Details
44968076843-33 BREIZ EUROPE Details
661506113415-19 Bremer Baumwollboerse Details
993851515186-23 Brevia Ltd Details
897946619376-76 Brics Economies Trade Development Corporation Limited Details
836199714524-07 BRIDGING EUROPE Details
242782417024-40 Bristol Airport Limited Details
04437556781-76 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Details
6897749194-37 BRITA GmbH Details
051124020132-64 British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors Details
23029147081-37 British Agriculture Bureau Details
309542113926-18 British Airline Pilots' Association Details
694474316597-44 British American Business Details
2427500988-58 British American Tobacco Details
636208718582-85 British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association Details
045004613212-61 British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies Details
5897733662-75 British Bankers' Association Details
987323419025-40 British Beer & Pub Association Details
91005492340-75 British Brands Group / The Brands Group Ltd Details
336906714921-03 British Broadcasting Corporation Details
418701911503-17 British Ceramic Confederation Details
56188303384-93 British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium Details
756006910472-32 British Copyright Council Details
17888758870-92 British Council Details
670733315314-92 British Crop Production Council Details
294004818332-17 British Dental Industry Association Details
52609045913-87 British Generic Manufacturers Association Details
002096218182-94 British Heart Foundation Details
21692168573-63 British Herpetological Society Details
34896014117-20 BritishHongKong Details
476926019456-45 British Institute of International and Comparative Law Details
41728302626-74 British Insurance Brokers' Association Details
488324411347-10 British Marine Federation Details
59537502076-56 British Medical Association Details
75712695739-22 British Metals Recycling Association Details
018721019477-84 British Poultry Council Details
82506726362-20 British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Details
092713618466-07 British Property Federation Details
612780115008-03 British Retail Consortium Details
661038313177-42 British Screen Advisory Council Details
527015915613-13 British Society of Plant Breeders Details
865069217779-49 British Specialist Nutrition Association Details
71805038494-41 British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association Details
41335422680-77 British Veterinary Association Details
832909615652-17 Britpave Barrier Systems Ltd Details
977422614722-89 BRM-Europe Details
460590618477-81 Broadband Stakeholder Group Details
298887016981-26 Broadcast Networks Europe Details
05504109526-45 Bromine Science and Environmental Forum Details
8522206185-94 BROmotion Details

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