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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
6403725595-50 The Smoke Free Partnership Details
638253513327-44 TheDojo.Org.UK Details
638056010296-47 The Institute of Physics Details
62574836751-41 The Born Free Foundation Details
625244214975-24 The European House - Ambrosetti Details
62505293737-81 The Boeing Company Details
617106816470-43 The University of Birmingham Details
61419548788-39 The European Concrete Platform Details
604239411537-85 Terra Nova Details
59416811798-38 The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners Details
5903604107-54 Taxpayers Association of Europe Details
588726515320-19 TalkTalk Group Details
58744833263-19 Transport and Environment (European Federation for Transport and Environment) Details
58520635294-70 The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe Details
582280112882-18 Teatteri- ja mediatyöntekijöiden liitto ry Details
580772914809-13 The Royal Society of Edinburgh Details
5804781152-61 The Association of Real Estate Funds Details
574221616354-31 Testo AG Details
570335813082-79 Trans Adriatic Pipeline Details
57004293853-27 The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment Details
56572659142-66 Tungsten Network Details
564475415764-23 The ECI Campaign Details
554611210976-46 The Institute for Intercultural Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies SILK ROAD Details
549499813585-41 Turku-Southwest Finland European office Details
547225616323-13 Tesla Motors, Inc. Details
5437826103-53 The Investment Association Details
543556311400-69 Triodos Bank Details
54124084378-25 TIKKUNFENIX ltd Details
540966014206-39 The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists Details
5378003762-62 TOYOTA MOTOR EUROPE Details
536247111385-10 The Capital Spillway Trust Details
536137916397-69 The Tokyo Foundation Details
535005811277-28 THE PACKAGING FEDERATION Details
534385811072-96 Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue Details
52431421-12 Telefonica, S.A. Details
52413445902-12 Tax Executives Institute, Inc. Details
52240973601-34 The Brussels Office s.a. / Brusselkontoret AS Details
52143099760-16 TERREAL Details
518548010753-75 Tecnoenergysun by L'Arca Soc. Coop. Details
517895213252-95 Tomas Horejsi Details
51334142356-37 Thomson Reuters Details
512668316463-96 Tenneco Automotive Europe Details
508695011366-29 The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK Details
50465929991-70 T&L Sugars Limited Details
50134607288-38 The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association Details
501222919-71 Transparency International Liaison Office to the European Union Details
49998649957-06 The Swedish Research Infrastructure for Micro and Nano Fabrication Details
49864752280-23 Transfrigoroute International Details
498028814976-88 TIIC - Technology, Innovation and Investment Council e.V. Details

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