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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
404529713456-87 European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network Details
32275624894-32 European Lift Association Details
93685904817-03 European Lift & Lift Components Association Details
780146710855-91 European Lime Association Details
89292219623-93 European Liver Patients' Association Details
486101215470-41 European Logistics Association Details
040051411522-40 European Low Fares Airline Association Details
63503202933-02 European LPG Association Details
37937886834-69 European Magazine Media Association Details
120296916338-78 European Major Exhibition Centres Association Details
728319515523-50 European Mancozeb Task Force Details
02100645398-66 European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene Details
322887113869-18 European Manufacturers of Feed Minerals Association Details
113925414746-95 European Manufacturers of Veterinary Diagnostics Details
172022811006-14 European Maritime Heritage Details
24068881115-97 European Materials Handling Federation Details
477244714597-01 European Materials Research Society Details
407314916469-56 European Meat Network Details
631025116128-79 European Medical Students’ Association Details
717101617809-28 European Melamine Producers Association Details
867965517169-77 European Metal Packaging External Affairs Details
74946923461-59 European Metal Trade & Recycling Federation Details
457596413786-53 European Metal Union Details
313159817602-20 European Metropolitan Transport Authorities Details
598332211023-81 European Microfinance Network aisbl Details
45338982456-46 European Milk Board Details
75964025885-59 European Mobile Seed Association Details
36538072001-07 European Modern Restaurant Association Details
70092714192-21 European Money Markets Institute Details
24967486965-09 European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council Details
35279857524-58 European Movement International Details
11251212351-96 European Multi-channel and Online Trade Association Details
431655212354-82 European Multiple Sclerosis Platform Details
11906217607-26 EUROPEAN MUSLIMS LEAGUE Details
689045810852-79 European Natural Soy Foods Manufacturers Association Details
09854512780-89 European Network Against Racism Details
7964210133-55 European Network for Accessible Tourism - ENAT asbl Details
69063914634-64 European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education Details
11487521943-46 European Network for Action on Ageing and Physical Activity Details
180323913154-75 European Network for Copyright in Support of Education and Science Details
13569186209-39 European Network for Education and Training - EUNET e.V. Details
17882036839-35 European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention Details
523465116221-96 European Network for Social Innovation and Solidarity Details
290784516944-56 European Network for Women in Leadership Details
978812714304-30 European Network Information eXchange Area Details
464700016643-33 European Network of Agricultural Journalistst Details
67482205645-83 European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy AISBL Details
45444124056-57 European Network of Councils for the Judiciary Details

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