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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
71022433397-11 European Flavour Association Details
81318861355-20 European Flour Millers Details
47017277378-73 European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee Details
61813266495-76 European Food Emulsifiers Manufacturers Association Details
829186414110-38 European Food & Feed Cultures Association Details
490049114088-06 European Food Information Resource Details
559009514102-05 European Food Law Association Details
38315289949-88 European Forest Institute Details
821295712391-66 European Former Foodstuff Processors Association Details
312937417131-70 European Forum Alpbach Details
808043113459-74 European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services Details
79845787183-02 European Forum for International Mediation and Dialogue Details
113054111397-33 European Forum for Manufacturing Details
96507906043-80 European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources Details
28175274067-75 European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders Details
823591710024-95 European Forum of Independent Professionals Details
48768025823-95 European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters Details
147656111703-83 European Forum of technical and Vocational Education and Training Details
548545513412-29 European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism Details
78855711571-12 European Foundation Centre Details
70156146692-35 European Foundation for Democracy Details
26278278183-47 European Foundation For Financial Inclusion Details
33597655264-22 European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants Details
88048446670-76 European Franchise Federation Details
71696536357-87 European Friends of Armenia Details
56077559929-38 European Fruit Juice Association Details
3373670692-24 European Fund and Asset Management Association Details
227819215851-41 Details
95910795422-52 European Furniture Industries Confederation Details
57235487137-80 European Games Developer Federation Details
87412665203-64 European Gaming and Amusement Federation Details
29508582413-52 European Gaming and Betting Association Details
42705074342-04 European Garage Equipment Association Details
82669082072-33 European Garden Machinery industry Federation Details
495601416551-23 European Gas Limited Details
239143717666-56 European General Counsel Association Details
634416015579-93 European General Galvanizers Association Details
48325781850-28 European Generic medicines Association Details
11458103335-07 European Geothermal Energy Council Details
720911016370-40 European Glaucoma Society Foundation Details
04684039922-47 European Gravitational Observatory Details
894642514444-82 European Group for Generic Veterinary Products Details
78403342288-89 European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations Details
896045415778-75 European Habitats Forum Details
786550013705-85 European Haemophilia Consortium Details
267919716935-59 European Hanfu Association Details
50964709218-58 European Harbour Masters' Committee Details
90605467093-36 European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network Details
216585211114-86 European Health Futures Forum Details
352972410521-12 European Health Management Association Details

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