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Alphabetic list of registrants

Number of registrants starting with the letter A : 861

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Identification number: Name/company name:
363337212637-45 Association INFOBALT DetailsDetails
595328413083-91 Association Internationale de la Mutualité DetailsDetails
6168551998-60 Association Internationale de la Savonnerie, de la Détergence et des Produits d'Entretien DetailsDetails
04495832203-28 Association Internationale des Techniciens Experts et Chercheurs DetailsDetails
13362983294-04 Association Internationale Forêts Méditerranéennes DetailsDetails
68270708350-60 Association internationale pour la défense de la liberté religieuse DetailsDetails
81849786507-65 Association Justice & Environment DetailsDetails
889746812616-08 Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale DetailsDetails
6182372280-83 Association Luxembourgeoise des Fonds d'Investissement DetailsDetails
60434518932-07 Association Luxembourgeoise des Services d'Eaux ASBL DetailsDetails
837783214173-14 Association Mariti DetailsDetails
169908814949-81 Association Marocaine des Droits Humains DetailsDetails
68843217735-45 Association Méditerrannéenne de Prévention et de Traitement des Addictions DetailsDetails
85470672196-59 Association Midi-Pyrénées Europe DetailsDetails
982539711698-79 Association Mieux Prescrire DetailsDetails
53258597884-77 Association Nationale de Prevention en Alcoologie et Addictologie DetailsDetails
963373911020-79 Association nationale interprofessionnelle du bétail et des viandes DetailsDetails
896289111690-21 Association National Electrochemistry DetailsDetails
350074914659-62 Association Nationale pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes DetailsDetails
199899413067-26 Association of Art Historians DetailsDetails
749296414922-59 Association of British Bookmakers DetailsDetails
730137075-36 Association of British Insurers DetailsDetails
54735291072-89 Association of Charity Lotteries in the EU DetailsDetails
4227861124-34 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants DetailsDetails
155145314089-94 Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia DetailsDetails
18574111503-28 Association of Commercial Television (Europe) DetailsDetails
21868711871-63 Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers DetailsDetails
537780110380-03 Association of Dental Dealers in Europe DetailsDetails
78089286892-19 ASSOCIATION OF EUROPEAN AIRLINES DetailsDetails
39573492614-61 Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers DetailsDetails
19265592757-25 Association of European Cancer Leagues DetailsDetails
08145029448-62 Association of European Candle Makers DetailsDetails
447006610786-12 Association of European Journalists DetailsDetails
69722087204-88 Association of European-level Research Infrastructure Facilities DetailsDetails
14418642443-58 Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Firearms DetailsDetails
69221462428-97 Association of European Performers’ Organisations DetailsDetails
092682012915-24 Association of European Public Postal Operators DetailsDetails
471391312466-24 Association of European Public Postal Operators AISBL DetailsDetails
6822083232-32 Association of European Radios DetailsDetails
010397411668-54 Association of European Research Estabishments in Aeronautics DetailsDetails
26383628836-60 Association of Financial Guaranty Insurers DetailsDetails
81433676016-34 Association of Finnish Suppliers of Labour Safety Equipment DetailsDetails
25854725111-63 Association of Foreign Banks DetailsDetails
126703214153-82 Association of Greek Regions DetailsDetails
46048398282-16 Association of Hungarian Confectionery Marnufacturers DetailsDetails
46236183290-69 Association of Hungarian Settlements' and Regions' Developers DetailsDetails
06529774938-69 Association of Independent Discount and Non Advisory Brokers DetailsDetails
30971284469-05 Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists DetailsDetails
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