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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
627271115645-80 World Access to Modern Energy and Expo 2015 Committee Details
630990212371-30 World Animal Protection Details
057050117687-88 World Anti-Doping Agency Details
78070741455-29 World Apple and Pear Association Details
07410725016-32 World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (Europe Region) Details
204651515772-21 World Association of Manufacturers of Bottles and Teats Details
29952722795-07 World Association of Market, Social and Opinion Research Details
313735017680-60 WorldDMB Details
953426816942-83 World Economic Forum Details
791930410994-45 World Education Foundation Details
85745642486-51 World Fair Trade Organization Details
725848610338-68 World Fair Trade Organization - Europe Details
407363614347-45 World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy including Coalition for the International Criminal Court Details
82494487698-33 World Federation Against Drugs Details
6440918199-49 World Federation of Advertisers Details
325134616689-09 World Federation of the Deaf Details
66336536137-63 World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations Details
48181498612-92 World Federation of United Nations Associations Details
280970610112-75 World Future Council Foundation Details
482897410370-35 World Green Building Council Details
87745127959-65 World Horizons Details
100356318176-68 World Horse Welfare Details
47100097336-73 World Mediation Organization Details
971471716348-16 World NGO Day Initiative's Secretariat Details
28280717783-17 World Nuclear Council Details
46782046250-28 World Organisation against Torture Details
07934425147-15 World Organisation of Public Procurement Agencies and Associations Details
199308213329-62 World Organization of the Scout Movement - Bureau Européen du Scoutisme Details
117508513529-38 World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade Details
581250215524-23 World Resources Institute Details
32416571968-71 World Shipping Council Details
3862796520-92 World Steel Association Details
45492036487-31 World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises Details
144436210604-54 World Union of Wholesale Markets Details
25155107085-31 World Uyghur Congress Details
64689102746-48 World Vision Brussels & EU Representation ivzw/aisbl Details
827172316947-35 World Wide Fund for Nature - Greece Details
566680513963-89 Worldwide Kenpo Karate Universal Federation Details
334731117292-08 Worldwide Toradokan Organization Details
911578215961-82 World Youth Alliance Croatia Details
14186664026-68 World Youth Alliance Europe Details
595839514792-24 WOW società cooperativa Details
060451114184-94 e.V. Verband für die mittelständische Wirtschaftsprüfung Details
244175117232-95 WPP 2005 ltd Details
487272018106-87 WRA - WEB RADIO ASSOCIATE Details
06249097363-34 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Details
02019258940-59 WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Details
031571311716-04 WWF Deutschland Details
1414929419-24 WWF European Policy Programme Details

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