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Alphabetic list of registrants

Number of registrants starting with the letter I : 445

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Identification number: Name/company name:
637349813583-31 International Council for Human Rights, Arbitration and Politics and Strategic Studies DetailsDetails
25344966554-43 International Council of Marine Industry Associations DetailsDetails
06250094777-73 International Council on Clean Transportation DetailsDetails
14682974416-46 International Credit Insurance & Surety Association DetailsDetails
72899131664-09 International Crisis Group DetailsDetails
97598469114-72 International Culture University DetailsDetails
988624513698-20 International Cyber-Rights Association DetailsDetails
2849769605-01 International Dalit Solidarity Network DetailsDetails
54665015930-89 International Development Enterprises India DetailsDetails
80267287489-88 International Diabetes Federation European Region DetailsDetails
26634082731-16 International Disability and Development Consortium DetailsDetails
75318797051-52 International Drug Policy Consortium DetailsDetails
7157999502-14 International Emissions Trading Association DetailsDetails
26538308357-41 Internationaler Bustouristik Verband e.V. DetailsDetails
465496614141-69 International Executive Security-Seguridad Executiva Internacional DetailsDetails
59726234027-26 International Falcon Movement - Socialist Educational International DetailsDetails
63322037415-37 International Federation for Animal Health-Europe AISBL DetailsDetails
97628146980-33 International Federation for Human Rights DetailsDetails
93086892756-13 International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus DetailsDetails
866892813257-10 International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus DetailsDetails
24070646198-51 International Federation of Actors DetailsDetails
48126336216-22 International Federation of Aeronautical Information Management Associations DetailsDetails
92004565061-51 International Federation of Aesthecians DetailsDetails
973049710163-75 International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations DetailsDetails
589234910197-33 International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations DetailsDetails
60399267990-31 International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations DetailsDetails
23366236923-91 International Federation of Denturists DetailsDetails
757797110981-25 International Federation of Film Distributors' Associations DetailsDetails
1978775156-31 International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers DetailsDetails
898661414289-73 International Federation of Landscape Architects,The European Region DetailsDetails
24866789668-04 International Federation of Liberal Youth DetailsDetails
860089913435-87 International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations DetailsDetails
67128251296-84 International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements EU Regional Group DetailsDetails
37740186466-03 International Federation of Reproduction Rights DetailsDetails
364141113565-82 International Florist Organisation DetailsDetails
243916211356-87 International Forum for Sustainable Underwater Activities DetailsDetails
022328713595-61 International Forum Gastein DetailsDetails
796650412686-37 International Foundation for Better Governance DetailsDetails
14130436110-87 International Fragrance Association DetailsDetails
93417326513-30 International Fur Federation DetailsDetails
13083157825-94 International Gas Union DetailsDetails
104158510202-35 International Human Rights Commission DetailsDetails
047608513129-83 international human rights commission for indigenous & minority DetailsDetails
15387877065-85 International Hydropower Association DetailsDetails
97653128762-13 International Information Centre for Terminology DetailsDetails
52525409981-32 International Institute for Sustainability Analysis and Strategy DetailsDetails
737088911290-60 International Institute for Sustainable Development DetailsDetails
370844411306-85 International Institute for Sustainable Development - Europe DetailsDetails
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