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Alphabetic list of registrants

Number of registrants starting with the letter N : 192

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Identification number: Name/company name:
11101757375-75 Nordic Hunters' Cooperation DetailsDetails
4129929362-47 Nordic Financial Unions DetailsDetails
49225472560-06 Nordic Federation of Public Accountants DetailsDetails
55970707849-29 Nord France Innovation Développement DetailsDetails
78931317267-03 NordForsk DetailsDetails
85161125283-02 Nordenergi DetailsDetails
107779213747-53 Nordea Bank AB (publ) DetailsDetails
588162110267-32 No Peace Without Justice DetailsDetails
88206897526-65 Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational Transparty DetailsDetails
550153613314-56 Non-governmental organization of the Kingdom of Saints Peter and Paul - Organizzazione Non Governativa del Regno dei Santi Pietro e Paolo DetailsDetails
294673912711-73 Nominet UK DetailsDetails
00130717826-48 Nokia Solutions and Networks DetailsDetails
35167875358-33 Nokia DetailsDetails
11495514257-89 NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark DetailsDetails
556830414203-76 n-mobil Neiße-Nysa-Nisa eG i.G. DetailsDetails
96033979469-48 NLkabel DetailsDetails
21717306036-21 NLingenieurs DetailsDetails
829392410814-85 NJOY Innovations Ltd. DetailsDetails
70351187930-61 NIVIERE SUBVENTIONS & CONSULTING DetailsDetails
55285046724-14 NITO The Norwegian assosiation for Biomedical Laboratory Scientists DetailsDetails
09994378161-69 Nitescu Dragos DetailsDetails
07807936046-22 NineSigma Europe BVBA DetailsDetails
4596259820-20 Nike EMEA DetailsDetails
731363811740-94 NIJAZ DELEUT DetailsDetails
673347613363-95 Niek Visser DetailsDetails
630597512879-26 Niedersächsisches Finanzministerium DetailsDetails
77947983421-21 Nickel Institute DetailsDetails
654485712538-43 NHS SOS DetailsDetails
1119946481-54 NGVA Europe DetailsDetails
34363287239-02 NGO Shipbreaking Platform DetailsDetails
740640510907-82 NGO COHEN AMIR-ASLANI & Associés - Cabinet d'avocats DetailsDetails
334499013853-30 Nextage srl DetailsDetails
442249410439-60 Nexen Energy DetailsDetails
234305412738-21 Nexa Center for Internet & Society DetailsDetails
96939897420-73 New Women for Europe DetailsDetails
834097813524-45 New Under Ten Fishermen's Association DetailsDetails
740249012523-84 New Swansea Bay DetailsDetails
423888911987-04 New Sustainable Building Model DetailsDetails
154332612396-62 new European Helicopter Association DetailsDetails
77659588648-75 New Energy World Industry Grouping - European Industry Grouping for a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Joint Undertaking DetailsDetails
770459312398-89 Neuve Terre DetailsDetails
535055712846-19 Netzwerk: Initiative Club & Kultur DetailsDetails
011312911734-11 Network of international diplomacy of international law and human rights( NDLH ) DetailsDetails
418383311305-48 Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies DetailsDetails
87750953963-10 Network of European Region for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism DetailsDetails
435166212247-84 Network of European Museum Organisations DetailsDetails
44013762992-64 Network of European Financial Institutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises DetailsDetails
850942913073-46 Network of EuRopean Digital Youth DetailsDetails
65489576066-94 NETWORKING The Matching Game DetailsDetails
544030713098-06 Network for Inter-Library Document Exchange DetailsDetails
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