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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
10982775449-88 The European Association of Fashion Retailers Details
82950919755-02 The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists Details
163313114609-84 The European Azerbaijan Society - Brussels office Details
61419548788-39 The European Concrete Platform Details
466857211034-70 The European Consulting Company Details
851622911641-30 The European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients AISBL Details
716182712301-64 The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers Details
015497016937-13 The European Federation of Cutlery , Flatware, Holloware and Cookware Industries and Brands Details
24633926420-79 The European Federation of Financial Services Users Details
45243365503-16 The European Federation of Furniture Retailers Details
05847066277-30 The European generating Set Association Details
070444714545-60 The European Group of Valuers' Associations Details
204022211093-63 The European Historic Houses Association Details
625244214975-24 The European House - Ambrosetti Details
97609783845-15 The European Lotteries Details
306143217828-40 The European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability Details
350785314558-76 The European Network on Inclusive Education & Disability Details
0001976677-12 The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment Details
82117319399-44 The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association Details
11977456675-84 The European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association Details
519963418620-50 The European Small UAV Coalition Details
93038071152-83 The European Steel Association Details
859389815176-35 The European Union Youth Orchestra Details
78903429396-48 The European VAT Club Details
85076002321-31 The EU Vegetable Oil and Proteinmeal Industry Details
731421013876-05 The Faculty of Advocates Details
755274217387-54 The Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit Details
39705603497-38 The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries Details
04685382882-68 The Federation of Irish Fishermen Details
876091710099-43 The Finnish Book Publishers Association (Suomen Kustannusyhdistys) Details
074322718842-68 The Food Bridge Details
247729417278-79 The Food Packaging Forum Foundation Details
140894518460-74 The Ford Foundation Details
73213026678-96 The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs (UnLtd) Details
145982616387-18 The Free and Fair Post Initiative Details
35455841111-88 The Fullilove Consulting Group Details
39850528734-23 The General Council of the Bar of England and Wales Details
05221658419-01 The Genesis Initiative Details
111563516267-75 The Global Poverty Project Details
346883615381-56 The Global Round Table Details
701266814986-18 The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Details
05783468694-28 The Grain and Feed Trade Association Details
439054819105-57 The Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation Details
767904016652-77 The Green Alliance Trust Details
691795111170-17 The Green Chemistry Network Details
083303018277-20 The Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy Details
65577628569-16 The Horticultural Trades Association Details
650035611150-01 The Huggard Consulting Group Details
644009216018-24 The Hundred Group of Finance Directors Details
68037164462-39 The Imported Tobacco Products Advisory Council Details

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