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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
045689014322-13 European Heritage Heads Forum Details
16807358674-96 European Heritage Legal Forum Details
748962812474-86 European Holiday Home Association Details
157396313389-87 European Horse Network Details
285977317289-74 European Hospital and Healthcare Employers' Association Details
73872883198-91 European Hospital and Healthcare Federation Details
014986915888-27 European Housing Network Details
728959920412-42 European Hub Srl Details
84310943110-81 European Humanist Federation Details
48071001253-27 European Hydrogen Association Details
31013503339-49 European Ice Cream Association Details
04077716126-17 European Industrial Gases Association AISBL Details
675176511033-32 European Industrial Hemp Association Details
658236415011-84 European Industrial Insulation Foundation Details
20740959545-13 European Information Society Institute, o.z. Details
873593417669-10 European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture e.V. Details
060904811513-73 European Institute for Asian Studies Details
30190844302-49 European Institute for Democratic Participation Details
93279557339-11 European Institute for Export Compliance Details
81739087951-41 European Institute for Wood Preservation Details
76274494636-35 European Institute of Education and Social Policy Details
272784617259-33 European Institute of Peace Details
234045010359-36 European Institute of Womens Health Details
98345631631-22 European Insulation Manufacturers Association Details
675175020517-52 European Insurance CFO Forum Details
551360210063-64 European Intermediation Details
9031106115-62 European& International Booksellers Federation Details
60857724758-68 European International Contractors Details
001968511387-52 European Internet Forum Details
207975318825-41 European Investors' Association Details
837818415965-04 European Irrigation Association Details
20935778703-23 EuropeanIssuers Details
707551412661-80 European Jewish Association Details
42699798177-53 European Jewish Community Centre Details
36101356444-26 European Jewish Congress European Office Details
675167216072-93 European Jews for a Just Peace Details
866707814603-68 European Judicial Training Network Details
540516714978-95 European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group Details
582565214754-24 European Kidney Health Alliance Details
36063991244-88 European Landowners' Organization asbl Details
970967012141-79 European Land Registry Association Details
4535824354-95 European Landscape Contractors Association Details
716040710061-25 European Language Equality Network Details
92876453439-40 European Large Families Confederation Details
455458212010-50 European Law Institute Details
64657917668-41 European Law Institute for State Aid Details
713668418770-87 European Leadership Network Details
89158218867-92 European League Against Rheumatism Details
213518813328-18 European League for Economic Cooperation Details

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