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Alphabetic list of registrants

Number of registrants starting with the letter E : 1046

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Identification number: Name/company name:
90847842431-88 European Federation of Associations of Market Research Organisations DetailsDetails
907610511640-90 European Pulp and Paper Chemicals Group AISBL DetailsDetails
907478210647-71 EU Rights Clinic DetailsDetails
90704098646-59 EV Group GmbH DetailsDetails
90605467093-36 European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network DetailsDetails
905001612275-82 ENAGAS, S.A. DetailsDetails
90453504235-64 European Association of the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services Industry DetailsDetails
9031106115-62 European Booksellers Federation DetailsDetails
901841071-93 European security Transport Association Aisbl DetailsDetails
899865010107-44 European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association DetailsDetails
89874817197-02 EUROCOPYA DetailsDetails
89632641000-47 European Policy Centre DetailsDetails
894642514444-82 European Group for Generic Veterinary Products DetailsDetails
89424237848-89 European Committee of Air Handling and Refrigeration Equipment Industries DetailsDetails
89292219623-93 European Liver Patients' Association DetailsDetails
89158218867-92 European League Against Rheumatism DetailsDetails
89088409596-79 EUBrasil DetailsDetails
88930232223-19 European Patent Office DetailsDetails
88868218399-43 Eurofishmarket snc DetailsDetails
88768908846-88 European Forest Nursery Association DetailsDetails
88457577025-19 Euroheat & Power DetailsDetails
883980785-32 European Social Insurance Platform AISBL DetailsDetails
88317675703-01 EUROTRAN Conseil DetailsDetails
88290282308-75 Euroclear SA/NV DetailsDetails
8828523562-52 European Public Affairs Consultancies Association DetailsDetails
882499812377-87 EUROMEDIA INTERNATIONAL DetailsDetails
88072891086-36 ECTAA, Group of National Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations within the EU DetailsDetails
88048446670-76 European Franchise Federation DetailsDetails
87872442953-08 European Federation of Nurses Associations DetailsDetails
87728187953-84 European Federation of the Plywood Industry DetailsDetails
877084413812-85 European Textile Collectivities Association DetailsDetails
8765978796-80 European Savings and retail Banking Group DetailsDetails
87600691525-93 European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs DetailsDetails
8754829960-32 European Association of Public Banks and Funding agencies AISBL DetailsDetails
87449387205-03 EU Issue Tracker DetailsDetails
87412665203-64 European Gaming and Amusement Federation DetailsDetails
873379913553-60 European Water Partnership DetailsDetails
869343710519-54 European Port Community Systems Association DetailsDetails
867433111414-11 Ecommerce Europe DetailsDetails
86637739028-14 European Agroforestry Federation DetailsDetails
86497137168-71 European Window Film Association DetailsDetails
864731911373-53 Eaton Industries Manufacturing GmbH DetailsDetails
863666513533-65 Euro-Prof DetailsDetails
862309814270-29 Ente Bilaterale dell'Artigianato Industria e Servizi DetailsDetails
861368611058-84 European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines DetailsDetails
859583314100-81 European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-sized Enterprises aisbl DetailsDetails
85825114058-57 European Coalition on Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products DetailsDetails
85810161889-67 EPTA - European Power Tool Association DetailsDetails
85686156700-13 European Women's Lobby DetailsDetails
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