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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
112703312593-49 The Secretariat of the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Details
78610009998-13 The Shark Trust Details
793026615069-12 The Shift Project Details
48084848642-01 The Skill Set Details
66055258617-28 The Smile of the Child Details
6403725595-50 The Smoke Free Partnership Details
92040678068-73 The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd. Details
920254612199-27 The South-East Europe Change Net Foundation (Fondacija Mreža za promjene Jugoistočne Evrope) Details
90187985081-87 THE SPEAK NETWORK Details
232283916133-19 The SROI Network Details
584968418527-20 The Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation Details
673091017982-82 The Swedish Trade Union Confederation Details
536137916397-69 The Tokyo Foundation Details
871428711810-72 The UK Cards Association Details
617106816470-43 The University of Birmingham Details
213528315558-41 The Valspar Corporation Details
794182911541-14 The Vegan Society Details
256463315409-35 The Walt Disney Company Benelux BVBA Details
001953912585-40 The Watson Society Details
855507915268-60 The Wealth Management Association Details
35525111082-17 The Western Union Company Details
682204616246-85 The Whitehall & Industry Group Details
741169516071-01 The Young Foundation Details
798953710255-56 The Young Friends of Turkey Details
153792614048-59 Think&Link SRL Details
815211615744-03 Think Tank EUROPA Details
131102911606-68 ThinkYoung Details
080998314984-01 Third-i bvba Details
75615285927-45 Thomas Cook Group Details
51334142356-37 Thomson Reuters Details
752892417153-80 Threadneedle Asset Management Limited Details
721647010823-15 ThyssenKrupp AG Details
477638713951-55 Tiberghien Details
29762326480-22 Tietoliikenteen ja tietotekniikan keskusliitto, FiCom ry Details
498028814976-88 TIIC - Technology, Innovation and Investment Council e.V. Details
807502217271-27 Tijdelijke Handelsvennootschap iLand Details
761346015292-83 Time Warner Inc. Details
775913016573-50 TIMIŞ COUNTY COUNCIL Details
021444312564-89 Tino Didriksen Consult Details
692532614129-74 TITAN CEMENT Co. SA Details
86242309652-84 Tjänstemännens centralorganisation Details
50465929991-70 T&L Sugars Limited Details
058000517116-80 TMJ Conseil Details
47922738433-52 Tobacco Industry Platform Details
169778610761-14 Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association Details
27567784437-46 Tobaksindustrien, (Tobacco Manufactures Association of Denmark) Details
067811515680-81 Tobaksproducenterne Details
140241817372-18 Toerkel Consulting GmbH Details
517895213252-95 Tomas Horejsi Details
828715012462-94 TOMRA Systems ASA Details

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