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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
91746316877-25 European Association for Viewers Interests Details
91666778136-14 European Hematology Association Details
916281517040-28 European Institute for Health Details
9160958318-89 European Association of Corporate Treasurers Details
91447653655-65 European Safety Federation Details
914088116067-37 EURANET PLUS Details
91408765797-03 European Association Automotive Suppliers Details
91337303018-28 European Passenger Transport Operators Details
912993515674-14 Editoriale Tempi Duri srl Details
911668118492-52 Electronic Retailing Association Europe Details
911081411272-30 Ecodesign Centre Details
910859715397-14 Erste Group Bank AG Details
90947457424-20 ENGIE Details
90905271757-87 European Travel Retail Confederation Details
9089874181-55 European Association of Electrical Contractors Details
90847842431-88 European Federation of Associations of Market Research Organisations Details
907610511640-90 European Pulp and Paper Chemicals Group AISBL Details
907478210647-71 EU Rights Clinic Details
90704098646-59 EV Group GmbH Details
90605467093-36 European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network Details
905001612275-82 ENAGAS, S.A. Details
90453504235-64 European Association of the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Services Industry Details
90403456542-36 Echanges et Consultations Techniques Internationaux Details
9031106115-62 European& International Booksellers Federation Details
901841071-93 European Security Transport Association Aisbl Details
899865010107-44 European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association Details
89874817197-02 EUROCOPYA Details
898445414948-91 European CRO Federation Details
897117717544-36 European Professional Beekeepers Association Details
89632641000-47 European Policy Centre Details
896045415778-75 European Habitats Forum Details
894642514444-82 European Group for Generic Veterinary Products Details
89424237848-89 European Committee of Air Handling and Refrigeration Equipment Industries Details
89292219623-93 European Liver Patients' Association Details
89158218867-92 European League Against Rheumatism Details
89088409596-79 EUBrasil Details
88868218399-43 Eurofishmarket srl Details
888092218655-22 European Network of Living Labs Details
887457714435-80 Eurocarers Details
885880717158-92 ETVA INDUSTRIAL & BUSINESS PARKS S.A. Details
883980785-32 European Social Insurance Platform AISBL Details
88317675703-01 EUROTRAN Conseil Details
88290282308-75 Euroclear SA/NV Details
8828523562-52 European Public Affairs Consultancies Association Details
881104117657-40 European Rural Community Association Details
88072891086-36 ECTAA, Group of National Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations within the EU Details
88048446670-76 European Franchise Federation Details
87872442953-08 European Federation of Nurses Associations Details
877607714842-74 European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration Details
877084413812-85 European Textile Collectivities Association Details

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