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Alphabetic list of registrants

Number of registrants starting with the letter I : 449

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Identification number: Name/company name:
99882738175-89 Infrabel DetailsDetails
12112965774-95 ING Group DetailsDetails
967084513983-66 In-house Competition Lawyers' Association DetailsDetails
23832173094-66 Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe DetailsDetails
112661410424-80 Initiative for the Development of Africa DetailsDetails
68216877436-29 Initiatives et Changement DetailsDetails
585371312551-70 Initiative Urheberrecht DetailsDetails
1811573195-25 Inland Navigation Europe DetailsDetails
660137014271-28 Inline Policy DetailsDetails
04917394562-14 INNOPOLE SL DetailsDetails
25377989679-17 Innovalogy DetailsDetails
82380985779-02 InnovaWood DetailsDetails
71633773469-43 INNOVIMAX DetailsDetails
56335344042-83 Insight Consulting DetailsDetails
582042711926-23 INSOLATIO PAMASOL, S.L. DetailsDetails
551321411765-16 INSOL Europe DetailsDetails
338912512061-68 Inspire 4eu AB DetailsDetails
36802147866-35 inspired services publishing ltd DetailsDetails
57796879201-59 Instinctif Partners (London) DetailsDetails
1440784614-93 Institut de la Protection sociale Européenne DetailsDetails
347204912066-34 Institut de Recherche et de Communication sur l'Europe DetailsDetails
209817313324-95 Institut der Norddeutschen Wirtschaft e. V. DetailsDetails
106329511813-34 Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy DetailsDetails
59516946438-69 Institute for Air Quality Management DetailsDetails
750280510123-52 Institute for Archaeologists/Institute of Field Archaeologists DetailsDetails
52186386629-74 Institute for Participatory Democracy Euro Qvorum DetailsDetails
142606911760-22 Institute for rural development and ecology DetailsDetails
681578410730-53 Institute of Air Quality Management DetailsDetails
810244212671-25 Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland DetailsDetails
28052947119-69 Institute of Art Studies DetailsDetails
7719382720-34 Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales DetailsDetails
19339685611-45 Institute of Development Studies DetailsDetails
39992894677-46 Institute of Entrepreneurship Development DetailsDetails
48714858158-06 Institute of International Finance DetailsDetails
66653036574-21 Institute of Public Administration DetailsDetails
58233274005-86 Institute of Risk Management DetailsDetails
93555467379-80 Institut Européen de Bioéthique DetailsDetails
208929410103-47 Institut Européen des Armes de Chasse et de Sport DetailsDetails
43304646434-75 Institut Européen des Relations Internationales DetailsDetails
691362113531-15 Institut Européen des Relations Internationales DetailsDetails
496822013474-60 Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer DetailsDetails
70995898837-20 Institut Français des Relations Internationales DetailsDetails
831864013387-30 Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie DetailsDetails
38294452695-12 Institut für Europäische Politik DetailsDetails
96466191482-69 institut für finanzdienstleistungen DetailsDetails
60818092532-61 Institut für Fußball und Gesellschaft DetailsDetails
843983912617-38 Institut für Informations-, Telekommunikations- und Medienrecht DetailsDetails
32272714365-81 Institut für Interne Revision Österreich - IIA Austria DetailsDetails
29503216636-92 Institut für Kammerrecht e.V. DetailsDetails
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