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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
081830016245-42 European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services Details
024776016336-52 European organisation of the sawmill industry Details
35628678901-76 European Organisation of Tomato Industries Details
872947115617-45 European Organization of Cosmetic Ingredients Industries and Services Details
678570313778-23 European Packaging Institutes Consortium Details
35010244568-04 European Pain Federation EFIC Details
572064811767-22 European Panel Federation Details
052007712004-80 European Parents' Association Details
29014213147-48 European Pari Mutuel Association Details
548595616482-02 European Parking Association Details
77823123416-69 European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum Details
96700978173-62 European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development Details
679535014238-83 European Partnership for Democracy Details
22276738915-67 European Partnership for Energy and the Environment Details
52829609107-37 European Passengers' Federation Details
91337303018-28 European Passenger Transport Operators Details
61911227368-75 European Patients’ Forum Details
461826311486-83 European Payment Institutions Federation Details
0878397912-17 European Peacebuilding Liaison Office Details
01873234294-62 European Peat and Growing Media Association Details
94017012777-69 European Pharmaceutical Students' Association Details
04635146585-36 European Photonics Industry Consortium Details
32601792674-69 European Physical Society Details
38511867304-09 European Plant Science Organisation Details
26369367005-58 European Plaster and Plasterboard Manufacturers Association Details
93255296152-29 European Plastics Converters Association Details
67027521730-61 European Plastic Window Association Details
66046067830-67 European Platform Against Windfarms Details
744688015518-46 European Platform for Chemicals Using Manufacturing Industries Details
987034016649-33 European Platform for Patients’ Organisations, Science and Industry Details
237806117704-74 European Platform for Patients’ Organisations, Science and Industry Details
45696998939-63 European Platform for Rehabilitation Details
89632641000-47 European Policy Centre Details
71549072613-57 European Portable Battery Association Details
163461511626-21 European Potato Processors' Association Details
16057181340-75 European Potato Trade Association Details
98538474751-91 European Poultry, Egg and Game Association Details
31145849858-07 European Power of Complexity GmbH Details
18146381379-29 European Power Plant Suppliers Association Details
72702399216-46 European Precious Metals Federation Details
97050032046-57 European Privacy Association Details
344910313351-14 European Producers Club Details
32591134448-30 European Producers Union of Renewable Ethanol Details
897117717544-36 European Professional Beekeepers Association Details
210206612264-21 European Project Advice Details
978370912509-55 European Projects Association Details
36120303854-92 European Property Federation Details
69105262717-09 European Providers of Vocational Education and Training Details
670162717379-28 European Psychiatric Association Details
8828523562-52 European Public Affairs Consultancies Association Details

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