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Alphabetic list of registrants

Number of registrants starting with the letter I : 420

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Identification number: Name/company name:
49806329193-46 International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network DetailsDetails
72005689196-08 International Press Federation DetailsDetails
301067910013-51 International Programme on the State of the Ocean DetailsDetails
75701412883-64 International Psycho-Oncology Society DetailsDetails
59893117192-26 International Public Relations Association DetailsDetails
0168391787-41 International Rail Transport Committee DetailsDetails
89279118267-55 International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring DetailsDetails
27797834846-32 International Rehabilitation Council for Torture victims DetailsDetails
66790095679-26 International Rescue Committee Inc DetailsDetails
94038094048-01 International Road Federation DetailsDetails
41802525291-86 International Road Transport Union Permanent Delegation to the EU DetailsDetails
67834134782-23 International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene DetailsDetails
575888466-70 International Securities Lending Association DetailsDetails
76700284381-35 International Services Association DetailsDetails
22390115488-74 International Ski Instructors Association - Internationaler Berufsskilehrerverband DetailsDetails
82522071842-72 International Society for Gerontechnology DetailsDetails
55348136210-04 International Society for Industrial Ecology DetailsDetails
43232835676-74 International Society for Underground Freight Transportation DetailsDetails
038641911095-59 International Solid Waste Association DetailsDetails
32375549843-44 International Stevia Council DetailsDetails
46643241096-93 International Swaps and Derivatives Association DetailsDetails
11667896576-60 International Sweeteners Association DetailsDetails
239812712428-26 INTERNATIONAL SYNERGIES LIMITED DetailsDetails
29932082274-73 International Telecommunications Users Group DetailsDetails
01745648684-02 International Toradokan Association DetailsDetails
10141574843-32 International Trademark Association DetailsDetails
51806831589-68 International Trade Union Confederation DetailsDetails
58082761985-18 International Underwriting Association of London Limited DetailsDetails
03518238467-61 International Union for Conservation of Nature EU Representative Office DetailsDetails
66083856211-34 International Union of Aerospace Insurers DetailsDetails
94035285059-91 International Union of Tenants DetailsDetails
41440872023-73 International VAT Association DetailsDetails
7013477846-25 International Video Federation DetailsDetails
73410316407-50 International Wool Textile Organisation DetailsDetails
34694767407-27 International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation DetailsDetails
017018214013-57 International Zinc Association Europe DetailsDetails
597174911077-78 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers DetailsDetails
56028372438-43 Internet Service Providers Austria DetailsDetails
212858810418-75 Internet Society - Bulgaria DetailsDetails
095406213906-38 Internet Society Poland DetailsDetails
16002278614-59 Internet Society Romania DetailsDetails
21140437117-29 Interprovinciaal Overleg DetailsDetails
88245551633-86 InterRecherche S.P.R.L. DetailsDetails
928780213492-36 Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg DetailsDetails
97921387213-35 Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum DetailsDetails
24037141789-48 Intesa Sanpaolo DetailsDetails
87628071816-18 Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein DetailsDetails
1594596378-53 Investment & Life Assurance Group Limited DetailsDetails
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