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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
34538227040-57 TYCO Details
394491614001-72 Twitter International Company Details
216084213890-77 TVI Services Limited Details
41604864983-63 TÜV NORD AG Details
38870176589-43 TUSIAD Details
75052677706-80 Turn 180 Details
549499813585-41 Turku-Southwest Finland European office Details
132463213669-53 Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation Details
98584666701-12 Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Details
698741314366-41 Turisport Europe Details
44362049075-12 TURISME DE BARCELONA Details
111151414941-72 Turboden Details
255421914666-12 Tunipex Details
56572659142-66 Tungsten Network Details
479439714439-91 Tulikivi Oyj Details
29016177097-47 TUI Travel PLC Details
25581088294-51 Tui Travel Belgium N.V. Details
70766908291-17 TUI Airlines Nederland B.V. Details
312529412441-17 TU Delft Optics Research Group Details
238970213192-03 TU Delft Details
647183011441-18 TUBA Turbine GmbH Details
456576812766-56 TT Werkhoven Limited Details
715951113489-25 TS Corporation Srl Details
258078711174-09 Truenology Technologies Details
78758165752-12 TRIVAROP Details
543556311400-69 Triodos Bank Details
37544129782-90 Trina Solar (Schweiz) AG Details
915681011342-13 TRIMET Aluminium SE Details
254017712716-90 Tribe of Noise Details
36159789198-64 Tremough Innovation Centre Details
88651113505-13 Trayport Limited Details
674390911675-81 Transport Industry Driver Education Services Limited t/as Chequered Flag Training Details
833861512085-74 Transportindustriförbundet Details
78965944361-93 TransportGruppen TGS Service AB Details
955065910148-41 Transport for London Details
735871912592-78 Transportfackens yrkes- och arbetsmiljönämnd Details
41712511261-57 Transport en Logistiek Nederland Details
152606314112-24 Transport Economics Ltd Details
58744833263-19 Transport and Environment (European Federation for Transport and Environment) Details
501222919-71 Transparency International Liaison Office to the European Union Details
675329913649-78 Transparency International Deutschland e.V. Details
35237447968-05 Transnational Institute Details
970589813333-52 Transitiegroep Stroopwafel Details
257618413769-19 Transgero Details
384028912403-82 Transgender Europe Details
49864752280-23 Transfrigoroute International Details
77147007797-57 Transform Drug Policy Foundation Details
88515309661-17 Trans Europe Experts Details
366997312527-51 Trans European Policy Studies Association Details

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