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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
496701816830-96 RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY Details
69859628423-31 RESULTS UK Details
074338911841-91 Rete nazionale operatori dell'usato Details
49572378749-11 Réunion des Organismes d'Assurance Mutuelle Details
05052317999-60 Reuse and Recycling European Union Social Enterprises Details
731600116943-09 Reuter Details
695563913580-18 REWE ZENTRALFINANZ eG Details
946928215845-55 Rewheel Details
750750814835-54 RH +50 Associação Quadros Seniores Details
138083013988-72 RHI AG Details
046924514169-65 Rhodium Capital Management LLP Details
887074017640-47 Ribnjačarstvo Poljana d.d. Details
449407513839-86 Ricardo Baretzky Details
373408717249-93 Rich Mellor t as SellMyRetro Details
41168355894-77 Ridens Public Affairs Details
800131816967-67 Rightscom Limited Details
155561314631-55 Right To Ride Details
03418705379-90 Riksbankens Jubileumsfond Details
277619815968-37 RING Advocacy ApS Details
44245265910-75 Rinnakkaislääketeollisuus ry Details
627987212276-53 Rio Tinto Details
488267816577-29 RIPESS Europe asbl Details
20739609188-97 RIWA Details
862116617358-21 RJM Consulting Details
97451376935-05 Road Haulage Association Details
084303713886-37 ROAMER [A roadmap for mental health research in Europe] project Details
8999533555-91 Robert Bosch GmbH Details
50962829391-94 Robert Schuman Institute for Developing Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe Details
255547314800-97 Robert VIERHOUT Details
565456110278-20 Robillart Details
324543517664-48 Rock-Tenn Company Details
2301233810-42 Rockwool International A/S Details
110853611976-11 Rockwool Norway Details
35708788483-65 Rödl & Partner Details
96530144280-28 Rohde Public Policy Details
092636516471-94 Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Details
58290033126-06 Rolls-Royce plc Details
92427248029-55 Romanian Airports Association Details
461031710265-92 Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration Details
677659511359-59 Romanian Association of Inland Ship Owners and Port Operators Details
161485716368-18 Romanian Association of Temporary Work Agents’ Details
90164262516-49 Romanian Franchise Association Details
67631917782-84 Romanian Geoexchange Society Details
461378811029-10 ROMANIAN INLAND PORTS UNION Details
878293014326-97 Romanian Post Details
365525117473-23 Romanian Society of Road Safety Auditors Details
398224213473-82 Romanoff & Partners Details
161660111450-12 Romeo D'Amicis Details
41183399891-42 ROOTS – Robotics in Tuscany Details
114465516906-25 ROSATOM FRANCE Details

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