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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
431215415539-52 International Federation of Medical Students' Associations Details
860089913435-87 International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations Details
67128251296-84 International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements EU Regional Group Details
132236315085-89 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Details
37740186466-03 International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations Details
241644214670-52 International Federation of Resistance fighters Details
948985013158-12 International Film Revolution Ltd Details
830882416841-19 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation Details
364141113565-82 International Florist Organisation Details
242867516855-06 International Food Policy Research Institute Details
243916211356-87 International Forum for Sustainable Underwater Activities Details
022328713595-61 International Forum Gastein Details
796650412686-37 International Foundation for Better Governance Details
14130436110-87 International Fragrance Association Details
93417326513-30 International Fur Federation Details
13083157825-94 International Gas Union Details
898094917475-37 international human rights protection organization Details
97653128762-13 International Information Centre for Terminology Details
250374816364-20 International Institute for Environment and Development Details
737088911290-60 International Institute for Sustainable Development Details
370844411306-85 International Institute for Sustainable Development - Europe Details
47310234921-93 International Juvenile Justice Observatory Details
956287317110-34 International Labor Rights Forum Details
311414214793-82 International Lead Association Details
45932762359-60 Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers Details
62814171879-89 International Margarine Association of the Countries of Europe Details
379016716570-39 International Marine Certification Institute Details
64673265972-08 International Marine Contractors Association Details
61890167724-24 International Meat Trade Association Details
24519318893-37 International Mediation Institute Details
09225916065-62 International Modern Media Institute Details
1651695283-80 International Network for Sustainable Energy - Europe Details
87904443479-87 International Nut and Dried Fruit Council Foundation Details
14074813668-09 International Organization for Migration Details
982307213646-56 International Organization to Preserve Human Rights in Iran Details
47376536890-44 International Paper Details
650230614063-69 International Parliament for safety and peace Details
47292178704-33 International Partnership for Human Rights Details
521918914219-44 International Peacebuilding Alliance Details
49806329193-46 International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network Details
845856417247-32 International Platform of Insects for Food & Feed Association Details
869343710519-54 International Port Community Systems Association Details
72005689196-08 International Press Federation Details
59893117192-26 International Public Relations Association Details
0168391787-41 International Rail Transport Committee Details
27797834846-32 International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims Details
66790095679-26 International Rescue Committee Inc Details
722047014943-13 International Risk Governance Council Details

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