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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
01678796979-90 Neth-ER Details
64945441527-14 Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) Details
549643518427-11 Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ Details
35999434674-81 Netherlands Maritime Technology Details
98996595810-75 Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association Details
40524063921-20 Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO Details
957544215973-15 Nets Holding A/S Details
439881912942-31 Netwerk Auteursrechten Informatiepunten HBO Details
544030713098-06 Network for Inter-Library Document Exchange Details
44013762992-64 Network of European Financial Institutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Details
435166212247-84 Network of European Museum Organisations Details
418383311305-48 Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies Details
887288316103-74 Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity Details
673052316100-23 Neumann Consulting Details
770459312398-89 Neuve Terre Details
303808417118-14 New Breeding Techniques Platform Details
090466117449-87 New City Initiative Details
099718415998-56 New Climate Economy Details
77659588648-75 New Energy World Industry Grouping - European Industry Grouping for a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Joint Undertaking Details
154332612396-62 new European Helicopter Association Details
435008814959-36 New Financial Details
544873617314-08 News Corporation Details
423888911987-04 New Sustainable Building Model Details
834097813524-45 New Under Ten Fishermen's Association Details
648739318831-62 New Ways Consulting Details
96939897420-73 New Women for Europe Details
234305412738-21 Nexa Center for Internet & Society Details
067700918233-07 Nexlab di Franco Lanza Details
758857015634-26 NFU Scotland Details
34363287239-02 NGO Shipbreaking Platform Details
1119946481-54 NGVA Europe Details
77947983421-21 Nickel Institute Details
799112716744-90 nicola capurso Details
229168414847-41 Nidia S.r.l. Details
623769618353-56 Nielsen N.V. Details
4596259820-20 Nike, Inc. Details
07807936046-22 NineSigma Europe BVBA Details
542604517103-33 NISSAN INTERNATIONAL Details
55285046724-14 NITO The Norwegian assosiation for Biomedical Laboratory Scientists Details
829392410814-85 NJOY Innovations Ltd. Details
21717306036-21 NLingenieurs Details
96033979469-48 NLkabel Details
493416718971-18 NN Group N.V. Details
35167875358-33 Nokia Details
604107415108-75 Nokian Tyres Plc Details
294673912711-73 Nominet UK Details
373563717179-76 Nomura International plc Details
807110816197-85 Non Profit Enterprise and Self-sustainability Team Details
023631318694-13 Non-profit partnership "Industry Round Table for cooperation with the European Union" Details

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