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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
703516312042-32 Сдружение "Родопи без граници" Details
040118518561-20 Община Разлог Details
002977215945-85 Ryanair Details
77608353460-77 RWE AG Details
33811981305-20 Ruralité-Environnement-Développement Details
653471311607-37 Rural Investment Support for Europe Foundation Details
56191615795-56 Rupprecht Consult - Forschung & Beratung GmbH Details
925677011657-63 Ruler's Flight Sharjah Details
116498714448-94 Rudolf Diesel Foundation Details
634234715903-41 Rubinum SA Details
94834936138-97 Rubicon Cultural&Educational Services Details
59267165790-45 RTL Group Details
669359510572-76 RTE Details
214934418092-67 Rønne Havn A/S Details
622934711000-42 Royal Society of Chemistry Details
21862631806-19 Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Details
658937817773-55 Royal SMIT Transformers B.V. Details
26683956563-83 Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain Details
34063417604-07 Royal National Institute of Blind People Details
493459413141-62 Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Details
488626415788-73 Royal Metaalunie Details
654861413162-14 Royal Mail Group Details
12309911354-39 Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Details
29006196329-63 Royal FrieslandCampina Details
73926352722-07 Royal DSM Details
46066856015-15 Royal College of Nursing Details
97217841648-02 Royal Belgian Shipowners' Association Details
001878012101-70 Royal Automobile Club Foundation for Motoring Limited Details
05308295838-47 Rowan Public Affairs Details
101903316808-95 Roundtable of European Energy Industrialists Details
512870513007-47 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Details
092652617311-19 ROSS GORDON CONSULTANTS SPRL Details
114465516906-25 ROSATOM FRANCE Details
41183399891-42 ROOTS – Robotics in Tuscany Details
161660111450-12 Romeo D'Amicis Details
398224213473-82 Romanoff & Partners Details
365525117473-23 Romanian Society of Road Safety Auditors Details
878293014326-97 Romanian Post Details
461378811029-10 ROMANIAN INLAND PORTS UNION Details
67631917782-84 Romanian Geoexchange Society Details
161485716368-18 Romanian Association of Temporary Work Agents’ Details
677659511359-59 Romanian Association of Inland Ship Owners and Port Operators Details
461031710265-92 Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration Details
92427248029-55 Romanian Airports Association Details
543459518463-87 Romania Energy Center Details
58290033126-06 Rolls-Royce plc Details
092636516471-94 Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Details
96530144280-28 Rohde Public Policy Details
35708788483-65 Rödl & Partner Details
110853611976-11 Rockwool Norway Details

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