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Alphabetic list of registrants

Number of registrants starting with the letter E : 1037

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Identification number: Name/company name:
99982273034-52 European State Forest Association DetailsDetails
99844686327-88 European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists DetailsDetails
99578067285-35 Eni S.p.A. DetailsDetails
992618013978-09 EuroTech Universities Alliance DetailsDetails
992430013358-12 European Waterpark Association e.V. DetailsDetails
99138006725-91 European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians DetailsDetails
99071781194-54 Eastern Norway County Network DetailsDetails
989665113558-05 European Confederation of Agronomists Associations DetailsDetails
986771511966-67 Eau Secours 34 DetailsDetails
98538474751-91 European Egg, Poultry and Game Association DetailsDetails
985292011111-44 Erklärung von Bern DetailsDetails
984760910087-84 European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information DetailsDetails
98470877752-88 European Federation for Intercultural Learning DetailsDetails
983679412231-47 DetailsDetails
98345631631-22 European Insulation Manufacturers Association DetailsDetails
98277414699-83 EU Umweltbüro DetailsDetails
98224959162-32 European Alliance Against Depression DetailsDetails
98043254639-05 Exopolitics Denmark DetailsDetails
98016578626-11 EGALE Egalité-laïcité-Europe DetailsDetails
978370912509-55 European Projects Association DetailsDetails
97810874431-67 European Biomass Association DetailsDetails
977980112556-82 European Association of Long Term Investors DetailsDetails
97724634514-96 EUROMAISIERS DetailsDetails
97717061899-40 European Calcium Silicate Producers Association DetailsDetails
97706556032-41 European Federation of Geologists DetailsDetails
976467311405-48 EQUITY IN HEALTH INSTITUTE DetailsDetails
976367712706-08 Europe HOpes DetailsDetails
97208951315-46 EUROMCONTACT DetailsDetails
972040211551-73 European LEADER Association for Rural Development DetailsDetails
97165848130-92 European Small Business Alliance DetailsDetails
970967012141-79 European Land Registry Association DetailsDetails
97050032046-57 European Privacy Association DetailsDetails
968945510822-49 Environmental Defense Action Fund DetailsDetails
968017013479-43 ΕΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΤΙΚΗ ΚΑΙΝΟΤΟΜΙΑ DetailsDetails
96700978173-62 European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development DetailsDetails
96668093651-33 European Environmental Citizens' Organisation for Standardisation DetailsDetails
96540262048-16 European Association of Polyol Producers DetailsDetails
96507906043-80 European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources DetailsDetails
96348421122-86 European University College Association DetailsDetails
96063198742-87 European Civic Forum DetailsDetails
960229810334-56 Europäische Gesellschaft für Entschleunigung DetailsDetails
95910795422-52 European Furniture Industries Confederation DetailsDetails
95685238783-07 European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems DetailsDetails
95665842136-67 European Federation of Older Students at Universities DetailsDetails
95428211915-66 EU MAP Consulting Ltd DetailsDetails
952322311484-70 EDSO for Smart Grids DetailsDetails
948591610750-02 European Carton Makers Association DetailsDetails
947001511571-77 European Students' Union DetailsDetails
94498979430-30 European Financial Reporting Advisory Group DetailsDetails
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