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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
15997912445-80 Glass for Europe Details
7990322925-77 GlaxoSmithKline Details
63323472608-78 Global Acetate Manufacturers Association Details
710146711404-60 Global Alliance for Banking on Values Details
732947612309-50 Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition Details
94539108283-14 Global Alliance for Probiotics Details
50813891737-43 Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks Details
60838305695-30 Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group Details
43871558497-67 Global Business Travel Association Details
378142414263-73 Global CCS Institute Ltd Details
417567810080-79 Global Civil Initiatives Details
75472699310-76 Global Commerce Licence Details
432847015319-12 Global Commission on Drug Policy Details
590425913785-60 Global Counsel LLP Details
816370514047-05 Global Crop Diversity Trust Details
067019811964-92 Global Dairy Platform Inc. Details
103598910989-56 Global Federation of Insurance Associations Details
898223513605-51 Global Financial Markets Association Details
436124510239-92 Global Footprint Network Details
07720398190-53 GLOBAL HEALTH ADVOCATES Details
65517013059-25 Global Health Europe Details
256045913244-77 Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime Details
136442016660-48 Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment - Europe Details
193279811928-83 Global Network for Rights and Development Details
919220015824-70 Global Ocean Commission Details
239914314380-67 Global Organic Textile Standard Details
174832712352-26 Global Phosphate Forum Details
461439614934-68 Global Regulatory Communications Details
01437575131-45 Global Reporting Initiative Details
613866814651-58 Global Research Alliance Details
93463507799-81 Global Social Justice Details
127596116563-01 Global Standard gGmbH Details
852939614961-95 Global Strategy Consulting Corporation Details
081907515229-70 Global Sustain E.E. Details
060548614738-87 Globalt Fokus Details
994651214997-44 Global Warning Details
500239911206-61 Global Water Institute Details
0614379494-67 Global Wind Energy Council Details
10439809375-73 Global Witness Details
910203414533-54 Global Young Academy Details
421644611124-87 Global Youth Organization Details
106129112446-14 Globe Consultants International Ltd Details
47474747079-89 Glocal Communications Details
319102515311-29 Gloresco Details
50735773982-68 GMB trade union Details
933874216190-87 GMFUEL SERVICE Details
822719415555-79 GML Limited Details
49761296365-68 GMM EUROPE Details
82902419004-91 G-NOVA Details
375050911599-57 GNSS Usage Innovation and Development of Excellence Details

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