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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
896534712018-01 Peace Mission Details
669553113094-36 Peccadillo Pictures Ltd Details
655968414739-29 Pedro Miguel Casado Casero Details
812846912487-02 Peer-to-Peer Finance Association Details
600488317698-58 PEFC International Details
78847784895-41 Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association Details
52399878813-67 Penal Reform International Details
754456416972-42 Penrose DPA Details
84476202986-17 Pensioenfederatie (Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds) Details
5199259747-21 PensionsEurope Details
618274417364-82 Pensions & Investment Research Consultants Limited Details
21333302555-45 People & Planet Student Activities Limited Details
714665314149-11 Peoples and Cities of Europe G.E.I.E. Details
47831085867-54 peopol Details
010212710281-97 PepsiCo Europe Details
85416013316-74 Per Boqvist Details
4817795559-48 Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe Details
26966582061-93 Performing Arts Forum Details
11397891124-13 Peri-Urban Regions Platform Europe Details
265801311337-27 Permanent Representation of the Turkish Textile and Clothing Exporters Association Details
352172811-92 PERNOD RICARD Details
330301916096-08 Perry Corp. Details
228418013575-67 Personal Connected Health Alliance Details
734339510407-60 persons with disability initiative Nigeria Details
89715562210-56 PESCADORES DE CARBONERAS S.C.A. Details
15913213485-46 Pesticide Action Network Europe Details
453651815057-50 Pesticide Action Network Italy Details
836986115565-31 Pesticide Action Network UK Details
83485908659-40 PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. Details
221479213116-74 Petcore Europe Details
76286906136-20 Peter Jens Details
513347117795-30 Peterson Institute for International Economics Details
749553315928-48 Peter van der Hijden Details
334238712582-38 Petra Zagar Lekarniska Dejavnost Details
237732715185-74 Petr Kolar Details
39900807417-87 Peugeot S.A. Details
69500289678-51 PFA GHEORGHE HRISCU Details
4263301811-33 Pfizer Inc. Details
120036211374-56 PGGM Details
00086317186-42 Phamaceutical Group of the European Union Details
19185666555-20 pharmaceutical society of northern ireland Details
51925911965-76 Philip Morris International Inc. Details
56432866966-18 Philippe Putman BVBA Details
542648618716-74 Phil Papard Consulting Details
723208316515-47 PHINEO Details
49741573633-45 PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG Details
20379155588-27 Phonographic Performance Limited Details
250774516080-16 Photonics21 Association Details
917980810335-45 Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH Details
116135618803-07 Pia Opera Universitaria "Onlus" Details

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