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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
001968511387-52 European Internet Forum Details
837818415965-04 European Irrigation Association Details
20935778703-23 EuropeanIssuers Details
707551412661-80 European Jewish Association Details
42699798177-53 European Jewish Community Centre Details
36101356444-26 European Jewish Congress European Office Details
675167216072-93 European Jews for a Just Peace Details
359208113431-66 European Journalism Centre Details
866707814603-68 European Judicial Training Network Details
540516714978-95 European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group Details
624428510438-55 European Justice Forum Details
582565214754-24 European Kidney Health Alliance Details
36063991244-88 European Landowners' Organization asbl Details
970967012141-79 European Land Registry Association Details
4535824354-95 European Landscape Contractors Association Details
716040710061-25 European Language Equality Network Details
92876453439-40 European Large Families Confederation Details
455458212010-50 European Law Institute Details
64657917668-41 European Law Institute for State Aid Details
804035413477-13 European LEADER Association for Rural Development Details
89158218867-92 European League Against Rheumatism Details
213518813328-18 European League for Economic Cooperation Details
85634034498-53 European Lecithin Manufacturers Association Details
14566177047-72 European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association Details
546282614966-51 European Liaison Committee for Agriculture and agri-food trade Details
51655166237-86 European Liberal Youth Details
404529713456-87 European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network Details
32275624894-32 European Lift Association Details
93685904817-03 European Lift & Lift Components Association Details
780146710855-91 European Lime Association Details
89292219623-93 European Liver Patients' Association Details
486101215470-41 European Logistics Association Details
704548511709-07 European Logistics Association Details
040051411522-40 European Low Fares Airline Association Details
63503202933-02 European LPG Association Details
37937886834-69 European Magazine Media Association Details
120296916338-78 European Major Exhibition Centres Association Details
728319515523-50 European Mancozeb Task Force Details
02100645398-66 European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene Details
322887113869-18 European Manufacturers of Feed Minerals Association Details
113925414746-95 European Manufacturers of Veterinary Diagnostics Details
172022811006-14 European Maritime Heritage Details
24068881115-97 European Materials Handling Federation Details
477244714597-01 European Materials Research Society Details
631025116128-79 European Medical Students’ Association Details
74946923461-59 European Metal Trade & Recycling Federation Details
457596413786-53 European Metal Union Details
598332211023-81 European Microfinance Network aisbl Details

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