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Alphabetic list of registrants

Identification number: Name/company name:
914255412969-19 Society for the Enhancement of National Communities in Europe Details
011095511691-05 Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Details
99336382936-11 Society of Audiovisual Authors Details
9264296748-42 Society of European Affairs Professionals Details
443570220378-31 Society of St. Vincent de Paul Details
64339983762-18 Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Details
29840188581-12 Sodexo SA Details
999078720159-56 Sofigate Details
530777916929-10 SOFORT GmbH Details
449487215964-04 Software AG Details
502425118410-86 Software & Information Industry Association Details
566077714587-83 Sogrape Vinhos Details
543698010969-83 Soil Association Details
417193316183-27 Soitec Details
280865315484-79 SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE Details
712217319248-02 Solar Trade Association Ltd Details
47463686644-34 Solicitors Regulation Authority Details
310206914824-45 SOLIDAR FOUNDATION Details
56816437338-69 SOLIDARITE Details
318529412495-78 Solocal Group Details
525489011651-35 Solum Details
16023423959-94 Solutions in PR e.U. Details
58089691185-94 Solvay SA Details
02219179820-59 SONAE Details
277796518235-57 Sonnenernte e.V. Details
484884319559-23 Sony ATV Music Publishing Europe Limited Details
9354466365-17 Sony Europe Limited Details
925398116167-82 Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. Details
059802512822-08 Sophie Delair Details
200349115204-53 SOS Catastrophes Details
881427916393-54 SOSCIENCE Details
0505121548-50 SOS Faim Action pour le développement Details
411119413538-05 SOS FERMER FOUNDATION Details
75014529893-97 SOS Kinderdorf-International Details
559722213060-69 Sos Musicisti Details
462678219650-01 Sosoft Information Technologies Details
667622916380-77 S.O.S. Telefono Azzurro Onlus Details
96671928897-72 Soteria International Details
536375019106-24 SoundCloud Limited Details
97268499868-31 Source UK Services Limited Details
209442519201-31 South and east consulting Details
92070807286-46 South Asia Democratic Forum Details
13098435231-62 South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning Details
157132415832-83 Southern Environmental Law Center Details
75553289589-18 South Norway European Office Details
66893405612-46 Sozialverband Deutschland Details
508586411490-36 Spanish CO2 Technology Platform (Plataforma Tecnológica Española del CO2) Details
172134011452-07 SPANISH GAS ASSOCIATION Details
697969813794-61 Spanish VAT Services Asesores SL Details
227420211515-22 Sparta Technologies Ltd Details

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