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Consulmarc Sviluppo s.r.l.

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Consulmarc Sviluppo s.r.l.

Consulmarc Sviluppo


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Via Pezza Alta, 10/A
31046 Oderzo (TV)

(+39) 0422853611

Rue du Trone 113-115
1050 Brussels

(+32) 022307462

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paní  Elena Toffolo


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pan  Paolo Snidero

Member of the Board of Directors

    Cíle a úkoly

CONSULMARC SVILUPPO SRL was born in 1982 with the aim to provide companies with innovative services and projects dealing with internationalization, support to knowledge and employment.
In 1990 Consulmarc Sviluppo organises a control unit in Italy in Oderzo (TV), coordinating a network of companies in different European Countries called “Eurosistema”.
In 1991 Consulmarc Sviluppo creates its office in Brussels, participating as a member in the networks promoted by EU Commission DG enterprise and Industry and taking part in EU projects in partnership with public and private partners:
- It participates to more than 70 PROJECTS acquiring the capacity to elaborate and spread knowledge and enhance partnerships and networks through constant exchange programmes.
- It innovates its systems and technologies, with a focus on internal management databases and the ICT TOOLS supporting its partners and customers in Europe and outside
- It creates a 1200 entries PARTNERS DATABASE
- It teaches and works all around Europe, supported by high LEVEL CO-OPERATION WITH EUROPEAN UNIVERSITIES.

Consulmarc Sviluppo has re-designed its company strategy and conceived new contents and ways to deliver its services with the aim to insert them in a format which complements the company experience with local sustainable, innovative and inclusive growth, involving customers in collaborative networks, consistently with the new Europe 2020 EU regulations.
The new corporate paradigm of Consulmarc Sviluppo is based on three pillars:
- COMPETENCE OF THE WORKING GROUPS in the research of information and their transformation/conversion into high value skills that can be easily used by individuals, local authorities and companies to contribute to economic, social and local development
- APPLIED INNOVATION RESEARCH: development of projects aimed at achieving a new type of knowledge to be applied to the delivery of services
- TECHNOLOGIC TOOLS AND PLANNING: use of an internet-based platform which allows a high level of interaction between the website and the user as well as interoperability between operators. This guarantees a fast and secure access both from the intranet and from outside, in order to implement procedures and contribute to databases dealing with:
· Human resources
· Funds
· European partners
· Good practices and financed projects
· Studies/ analysis and regional, national and EU regulations

Consulmarc Sviluppo was authorized by the national Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs to enrol on the “Job Agencies” register for:
- “HR RESEARCH AND SELECTION” (Aut.n. 5875 of the 26 February 2007);
- “OUTPLACEMENT AND REQUALIFICATION” SERVICES, targeting both employed and workers in a situation of mobility (Aut. n. 39/0001254 of the 26 January 2012);
- the Veneto Region has accredited Consulmarc Sviluppo for:
o “job services” (Regional decree n. 387 of 17 April 2012);
o Consulmarc Sviluppo Srl has been authorized as "Youth Corner" (YC) with regional authorization n.194 of 30 April 2014 – Operating Unit assisting young people to access to the Youth Guarantee at Regional level;
o With authorization n.A0613 Consulmarc Sviluppo has been accredited within the Training Organism Register for the guidance sector (Regional decree n.882 of the 27th November 2014).

Over the years Consulmarc Sviluppo srl has evolved into a “multi-purpose subject” adding to its job – related service:
§ ACCREDITATION ACTIVITIES of companies and associations to EU Institutions,
§ FUND RAISING ACTIVITIES and studies supported by EU funds and International Financial Institutions funding programmes.
In order to do so, Consulmarc Sviluppo since 1990 has created an European Projects Division, who helps companies, association, training institutes and public administrations, at national and local level, to be informed and involved in relevant EU policies and programmes.

  • evropské
  • na regionální/místní úrovni

    Činnosti spadající do působnosti rejstříku

- Technical assistance in project drafting/management;
- Provision of information on EU policies, legislation, funding opportunities;
- Contacts with EU institutions and other; organisations/networks based in Brussels;
- Organisation of training courses on EU issues, involving representatives and officials from EU institutions;
- Domiciliation and use of office space;
- Capacity building in applying to call for tenders.





Parliament’s intergroup on the social economy


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Jméno Příjmení Datum zahájení Datum ukončení
Riccardo NARDINI 15/11/2014 13/11/2015
Paolo SNIDERO 15/11/2014 13/11/2015

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  • Audiovizuální oblast a média
  • Doprava
  • Energetika
  • Informační společnost
  • Kultura
  • Mládež
  • Ochrana spotřebitele
  • Podnikání
  • Regionální politika
  • Rozšíření
  • Vnitřní trh
  • Výzkum a technologie
  • Vzdělávání
  • Zaměstnanost a sociální věci
  • Životní prostředí

    Členství a příslušnost

Consulmarc Sviluppo is:
- member of EAN (European Academy Network Brussels) since 2001, in partnership with training and private companies, Universities and associations involved in LLP Programme 2007-2013 coming from different EU countries, with the aim to, through non formal training, create "laboratories" between trainers and stake-holders on different topics EU policies (calls for tenders, environment, International Financial Institutions, urban regeneration, etc.).

- partner of the EUE-Net project www.eue-net.org, launched in 2007 by DG EAC in the framework of the Erasmus programme, aiming at creating a EU Cooperation Network between public and private entities to perform new cooperation models of apprenticeships throughout Europe (Ref code:134546-LLP-1-2007-1-RO-ERASMUS-EN)

- partner of the “Business Success Through Vocational Training”project promoted by the Southern Derbyshire Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise in the framework of Leonardo Da Vinci Programme (Ref code:UK/96/2/1163/II.1.1b/FPC);

- partner of EVTA (European Vocational Training Association Brussels) in actions and projects connected to "Europe2020" priorities in the field of vocational training aiming at defining targets and objectives related to "an Agenda for new competences and new working places", especially in the hospitality and tourism fields in Europe;

- consultant of DG EAC in the tender EACEA/2009/02 “Feasibility Study for Actions to Support the Mobility of Literary Translators”: the approved bid includes a co-operation with Departments of Language, Translation and Interpreting Universities and with renowned researchers and experts in 33 Countries;

- partner of ISNART (Italian Research National Institute of Tourism) actively working in drafting the new governmental policies of quality standardisation;

- partner of OITS (Organisation Internationale du Tourisme Social) working in the sector of accessibility for all;

- The Company is involved in the following EU funded projects:
§ Coordinator of the project “European Women Interactive Learning”, promoted in 2009 in the framework of the Grundtvig programme, Learning Partnership strand. The project aims at enhancing women self promotion and enterpreneurship through ICT–based solution (Ref code:2010-1-IT2-GRU06-13978-1). Star project Grundtvig 2012.
§ Partner of the project “Attract–Activate Tourism Training Resources for Accessible cities and Towns”, promoted by Federalberghi Trieste (IT) to improve the accessibility of tourist towns and cities (Ref code:2010-1-IT1-LEO04-00987 7).
§ Partner of the project “MT-AL-Music Trainers for Adult Learning”, which aims at identifying innovative contents and methodologies to update music trainers profiles on new dynamics in using and approaching music, new techniques and methods to develop non formal learning for adult with small or no music competences (Ref. Code:2011-IT2-GRU06-24630-6). Star project Grundtvig 2013.
§ Partner of the project “THE HISTORY FOR YOU AND FOR ME” which aims at fostering accessibility for several user categories (e.g. disabled and elderly people, families with children, etc.) to tourist cities, historical places and monuments (Ref. Code:2012-1-LV1-GRU06-03576-5).
§ Partner of the project “EXPLORE–“EXPertise for LOcal Resources Enhancement” which intend to investigate effective ways to promote community-led local development in times of economic crisis, involving public and private stakeholders to find suitable innovative development strategies (Ref. Code:2013-1-IT2-GRU06-51834-1).
§ Coordinator of the project “FREE–IT-Foster Re-integration and Enhance Employability through Inmates Training” which focuses on the training of operators who, in different EU prisons, activate VET initiatives targeting convicts, in response to the economic crisis impact (Ref code:2013-1-IT2-GRUO6-51845-1).

- credited by European Commission DGEAC Comenius–Grundtvig Database 2007-2013;

- member of EUWIN network;

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01/2014  -  12/2014

< 9 999 €

8 000 €

  • Calearo Antenne S.p.A.
  • Gruppo Prima S.p.A
  • Coop Legno Scarl
  • PESA Bydgoszcz SA


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