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Профил на регистрираното лице

Greenpeace European Unit

Идентификационен номер в Регистъра: 9832909575-41
Дата на регистрация: 08-10-29 22:39:31

Последната промяна на данните за тази организация е от 14-10-8 15:31:57
Последната годишна актуализация е извършена на 14-10-8 15:31:57

Регистрирано лице: Организация или самостоятелно заето лице

Име или търговско име: Greenpeace European Unit
Правен статут: Association sans but lucratif
Уебсайт: http://www.greenpeace.eu


Раздел: III – Неправителствени организации
и по-специално: Неправителствени организации, платформи и мрежи и подобни

Правно отговорно лице

Фамилия, име: Господин  Jorgo Riss
Длъжност: Director

Постоянен отговорник за отношенията с ЕС

Фамилия, име: Господин  Riss Jorgo
Длъжност: Director, Greenpeace European Unit

Координати за връзка:

Адрес на седалището на организацията: Rue Belliard  199
1040 Brussels
Телефонен номер: (+32) 22741900
Факс: (+) 
Друга информация за връзка:

Цели и задачи

Цели и задачи на организацията: Greenpeace is a global non-profit organisation that uses non-violent direct action to tackle the biggest threats to our environment. Greenpeace aims to protect and conserve nature and to promote peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, challenging the political and economic powers that can effect change, driving economically responsible and socially just solutions that offer hope for current and future generations, and inspire people to take responsibility for the planet. Greenpeace speaks for 3 million (2013 figure) supporters worldwide.
Greenpeace European Unit is based in Brussels, from where we monitor the work of the EU institutions, expose deficient EU laws, challenge EU decision-makers to act responsibly in the public interest and confront industry lobbies that undermine environmental protection in the pursuit of their private interests.
Greenpeace is committed to transparency about EU interest representation. We believe that this register fails basic transparency standards and does not provide EU lobbying transparency. A credible EU lobbying transparency register includes names of individuals and the issues that they try to influence, provides precise and comparable financial information on lobbying, and has effective sanctions to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information disclosed. In an effort to arrive at a more objective way of calculating lobbying expenditures, we follow guidelines that result from consultations with public interest organisations, professionals working on lobby transparency as well as experts of US lobby disclosure legislation (the guidelines developed by the Civil Society Contact Group and ALTER-EU). Our registration therefore provides a more comprehensive calculation of our expenses for their required activities that aim to influence the policy formulation and decision-making processes of the European institutions, and a list of those who, on behalf of Greenpeace, carried out such activities.
In the very limited space this form allows, we aim to give all the relevant information that we consider necessary for lobbying transparency.
Our registration is based on the guidelines for transparent registration developed by the Civil Society Contact Group and ALTER-EU. The guidelines can be found at http://www.alter-eu.org/sites/default/files/documents/2012_ALTER-EU_CSCG_guidelines_Transparency_Register.pdf
Интересите на организацията са на:
  • национално равнище
  • европейско равнище
  • световно равнище

Брой лица, участващи в дейности, попадащи в обхвата на Регистъра за прозрачност

Брой лица: 13
Допълнителна информация: Currently (i.e. in July 2014) 13 members from Greenpeace European Unit staff are on the list for access to the European Parliament premises.
The above-mentioned number and the list of names below are automatically generated by the EP accreditation services.

Лица, получили право на достъп до сградите на Европейския парламент

Собствено име Фамилно име Начална дата Крайна дата
Joris DEN BLANKEN 14-10-21 15-10-17
Andrea Carta 14-10-14 15-10-10
Andromahi Sideridou 14-10-21 15-10-17
Tara Connolly 14-7-11 15-7-8
Jorgo Riss 14-10-11 15-10-9
Sébastien RISSO 14-9-27 15-9-25
Mark Breddy 14-9-12 15-9-10
Franziska Achterberg 14-7-11 15-7-8
Saskia Richartz 14-9-11 15-9-9
Justine Maillot 14-7-11 15-7-8
Frederic Thoma 14-10-9 15-10-6
Kevin Stairs 14-10-21 15-10-17
Marco Contiero 14-9-18 15-9-16


Дейности по основни инициативи на ЕС през предходната година, попадащи в обхвата на Регистъра за прозрачност:

Also included are people from GP national and regional offices, some of whom spent less than 20% of their time on lobbying activities or their preparation. These are:
G Simon (HU) M Santen (DE) K Brigden (UK) J Freidinger (CZ) K Rodics (HU) J Isakson (SE) CO Martinez (ES) H Bourges (FR) M Figura (PL) A Lazou (GR) S Clydesdale (UK) T Maack (DE) S Krug (DE) J Kerschbaumsteiner (AT) S Krug (DE) I Cepraga (RO) J Jerabek (AT) R Davies (UK) D Parr (UK) M Krüger (SE) S Blavier (FR) T Haaland (DK) D van Oijen (NL) F Verbelen (BE) F Amiel (FR) E Glorieux (BE) J Haverkamp (CZ) R Spautz (LU) H van Bekkem (NL) C Huxdorff (DE) G Simons (HU)
The salaries of Rodics and Figura were funded by the Oak Foundation.
The Executive Directors of European National and Regional Greenpeace offices (not listed here due to word limit) have also worked on all or some of the issues below.
Issues worked on:
EC No. 2000/60/EC & EC No 2008/105/EC Water legislation; Proposal for a Directive on priority substances in the field of water policy.2011/0429(COD)
EC No 1907/2006 Chemicals legislation – REACH
Chemicals in products – Conference – ANEC and ASI CC (October 2013)
Illegal logging and related trade / Implementation of the EU FLEGT Action Plan including Voluntary Partnership Agreements and Regulation establishing obligations for operators who place timber and timber products on the market
General Union Environment Action Programme to 2020: 'Living well, within the limits of our planet'
2013/2135(INI) 2030 framework for climate & energy policies
CFP reform (2011/0195(COD))EMFF (2011/0380(COD))
Proposal for a Regulation on the modalities for reaching the 2020 target to reduce CO2 emissions from new passenger cars COM(2012) 393; OEIL 2012/0190(COD)
Proposal for a Regulation on the modalities for reaching the 2020 target to reduce CO2 emissions from new light commercial vehicles COM(2012) 394; OEIL 2012/0191(COD)
Draft EC Directive laying down calculation methods and reporting requirements pursuant to Directive 98/70/EC of the EP and Council relating to the quality of petrol and diesel fuels; no OEIL reference (comitology)
Greenhouse gas emission allowance trading: timing of auctions 2012/0202(COD)
EU 2030 climate and energy policy framework 2013/2135(INI)
Arctic 2009/2814(RSP)
Offshore oil and gas safety Directive 2011/0309(COD)
2030 framework for climate and energy policies (COM (2013) 0169)
Guidelines on State Aid for environmental protection and energy 2014-2020 (C (2014) 2322)
Insurance and compensation of damages caused by accidents of nuclear power plants (nuclear liability)
State aid SA. 34947 (2013/C) notified by the United Kingdom in connection with the Investment Contract (early Contract for Difference) for the Hinkley Point C new nuclear power station.
EC Implementing Regulation (EU) No 485/2013 of 24 May 2013 amending Implementing Regulation (EU) No 540/2011, as regards the conditions of approval of the active substances clothianidin, thiamethoxam and imidacloprid, and prohibiting the use and sale of seeds treated with plant protection products containing those active substances. 25.5.2013 L 139/12
EC proposal to authorize the cultivation of GM maize 1507
Genetically modified organisms: possibility for the Member States to restrict or prohibit the cultivation of GMOs in their territory. 2010/0208(COD)

Области на интерес – уведомления за консултации и пътни карти

Области на интерес, декларирани от организацията:
  • Безопасност на храните
  • Бюджет
  • Външна политика и политика на сигурност
  • Външни отношения
  • Вътрешен пазар
  • Вътрешни работи
  • Енергетика
  • Земеделие и развитие на селските райони
  • Икономически и финансови въпроси
  • Конкуренция
  • Научни изследвания и технологии
  • Обществено здраве
  • Общи и институционални въпроси
  • Околна среда
  • Потребители
  • Правосъдие и основните права
  • Предприятия
  • Развитие
  • Регионална политика
  • Рибарство и аквакултури
  • Трансевропейски мрежи
  • Транспорт
  • Търговия


Общ брой на членовете „физически лица“: 3 000 000
Брой на членуващите организации:
Членуващи организации (Брой членове) :
Организацията има членове или представители в следните страни:

Допълнителна информация:


Информация за асоциациите/федерациите/конфедерациите или мрежите, дори неофициални, в които членува организацията.

Green10, Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the EU (ALTER-EU), Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe).

Финансови данни

Отчетна година: 01/2013 - 12/2013
Общ бюджет: 1 834 534
от който публични средства:
- от европейски източници:
- Обществени поръчки:
- Безвъзмездни средства:
- от национални източници:
- от регионални източници:
други източници: 1 834 534
- дарения: 1 834 534
- членски вноски:
Оценка на разходите, свързани с преки дейности по представяне на интереси, извършени от организацията през тази година: >= 1000000  € и < 1250000  €
Друга финансова информация или уточнения, предоставени от организацията с оглед на прозрачността:

In 2013 3 million people around the world supported Greenpeace with a financial gift. Greenpeace does not seek nor accept donations from governments (including the EU institutions), corporations or political parties.

Following the guidelines of the EU Civil Society Contact Group and the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the EU, Greenpeace has calculated that it spent an estimated €1,229,137 in 2013 on activities carried out with the objective of influencing the policy formulation and decision-making processes of the European institutions.

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