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Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs

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Data de inscrição: 29/10/2008 13:05:00

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Bureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs


a.i.s.b.l. (not for profit - internat. association)

    Secção de inscrição

III - Organizações não governamentais

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Rue d'Arlon, 80
B-1040 Brussels

(+322) 7431590

    Pessoa legalmente responsável

Monique Goyens

Director general

    Pessoa responsável pelas relações com a UE

Ursula  Pachl

Deputy Director General

    Objectivos e missão

BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation, is a non-governmental organisation whose job it is to bring the voice of Europe’s consumers to the European Union legislative institutions of Commission, Parliament and Council.

We have a membership of 40 independent national consumer organisations from 31 European countries. BEUC acts as the umbrella group in Brussels for these organisations and our main task is to represent our members and defend the interests of all Europe’s consumers.

BEUC was created on 6 March 1962 by the consumer organisations of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. After working together for a number of years, these organisations decided to create a European association, based in Brussels.

BEUC was a pioneer, one of the first lobbying organisations to set up base in the European capital in a bid to influence the decision-making process. To do this, we receive funding from our members, a grant from the European Union and we execute specific projects.

BEUC is acknowledged as a trustworthy representative by both decision-makers and opponents alike, thanks in particular to the collective skills, knowledge and expertise of our member organisations. BEUC is fortunate to benefit directly from their experience and day-to-day contact with consumers at grass roots level. What is more, anyone dealing with BEUC can be sure that the position we present has received the backing of the most representative national consumer organisations. Through BEUC, these organisations are able to speak out with one voice.

BEUC supports the empowerment of consumers through competitive markets, but complemented by health and safety safeguards. Only safe products and services, which do not put at risk our health, future generations or the environment, should be available on the EU market. In addition, regulatory measures must protect their economic and legal interests.

Our prioritised topics are: Financial Services; Food; Consumer Rights & Enforcement; Digital Rights; Sustainability.


    Atividades específicas abrangidas pelo Registo

BEUC’s priorities are :

Financial Services:
• Banking services
• Financial supervision & regulation
• Investor protection
• Payment services

• Cloning and novel food
• Food information
• Food safety
• Food sustainability
• Health and nutrition claims

Consumer Rights & Enforcement;
• Air Passenger rights
• Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Collective redress
• Consumer Rights Directive
• E-commerce
• Enforcement
• Insurance Contract Law
• Legal guarantees
• Package travel
• Unfair commercial practices

Digital Rights;

• Copyright
• Digital Single market
• Google Antitrust Investigation
• Privacy and personal data protection
• Telecoms Single Market


• Ecodesign & Energy label
• Ecolabel
• Sustainable mobility

And we also work on


• Energy consumer rights
• Energy markets


• Clinical trials
• eHealth
• Medical devices
• Pharmaceuticals


• Chemicals
• Nanotechnology
• Product safety


For further information, please see our website:


Euro Retail Payments Board

ECCG (European Consultative Consumer Group)
DG SANCO Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on comparison tools
DG SANCO Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Environmental Claims (shared with safety /sustainability Team)
Observatory on IPR infringement (DG CONNECT)
DG JUST GPSD Committee
SCP/IPP Regular Meeting
EU Ecodesign Consultation forum
EU Ecolabelling Board
DG JUSTICE Working Group on Consumers as energy market actors
Advisory Group on the Food Chain, Animal & Plant Health (DG SANTE)
• WG on food waste
• WG on Origin labelling
• WG on Food Information to Consumers
Advisory group on the food chain, animal and plant health
DG AGRI Civil Dialogue Groups
• CDG on Quality & Promotion of Agricultural Products
• CDG on International Aspects of Agriculture
• CDG on Animal Products (beef meat)
EU Platform for action on diet, physical activity and health
EFSA stakeholder Platform
European Medicines Agency patients and consumers working party
Stakeholder forum of the EU Joint Action on health technology assessment
eHealth users stakeholder group
European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum (DG FISMA)
Financial Services User Group

DG JUST expert group on Online Dispute Resolution
Ecolabel Ad Hoc Working Group – Footwear
Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement Ad Hoc Working Group – Furniture
Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement Ad Hoc Working Group – “Electronic Displays”
Ecolabel Ad Hoc Working Group – Soil Improvers and Growing Media
Ecolabel and Green Public Procurement Ad Hoc Working Group – Computers and Laptops
Ecolabel Ad Hoc Working Group – Light sources
Ecolabel Ad Hoc Working Group – Wooden Floor coverings
Ecolabel Ad Hoc Working Group – Tourist Accommodation services
Ecolabel Sub Working Group – Hazardous substances
European Commission Expert Group on Cloud-Computing contracts (DG JUSTICE),
European Commission Expert Group on Insurance contract law
Cloud-Select Industry Group (DG CONNECT)
Cloud Select Industry Group (C-SIG) on Code of Conduct (DG CONNECT and JUST)
Euro Retail Payments Board (Technical working group)
Payment Systems Market Expert Group



BEUC's activities cover a wide range of EU policies affecting the interest of European consumers.

According to our workprogramme, we work on food, financial services, consumer and passenger rights , digital environment, consumer enforcement and redress, energy, safety, health and sustainability as well as on international trade;

    Número de pessoas que participam nas atividades descritas na caixa anterior

75%: 22  



22 persons employed by BEUC spend most of their time on activitities related to interest representation. The names of these persons are as listed below ( EP acreddited ) plus BEUC's Director General, Ms Monique Goyens.

    Pessoas acreditadas para terem acesso às instalações do Parlamento Europeu

Nome próprio Apelido Data de início Data final
Agustin REYNA 13/02/2015 11/02/2016
Ursula PACHL 10/09/2015 08/09/2016
Christoph SCHMON 28/05/2015 26/05/2016
Farid ALIYEV 14/02/2015 12/02/2016
Aline MAIGRET 28/05/2015 26/11/2015
Greg VAN ELSEN 18/02/2015 16/02/2016
Monika STAJNAROVA 19/02/2015 17/02/2016
Pauline CASTRES 24/09/2015 18/09/2016
Camille Jacqueline PERRIN 24/09/2015 18/09/2016
Anne Marie Paule FILY 24/09/2015 21/09/2016
Léa AUFFRET 14/02/2015 12/02/2016
Sylvia MAURER 24/09/2015 18/09/2016
Johannes Nikolaus KLEIS 18/02/2015 16/02/2016
Jörg MÜHLENHOFF 21/01/2015 19/01/2016
Angeliki MALIZOU 27/06/2015 25/06/2016
Elisavet SERGIADOU 24/09/2015 18/09/2016
John PHELAN 18/02/2015 16/02/2016
Ilaria PASSARANI 24/09/2015 18/09/2016
Guillermo BELTRÀ NAVARRO 24/09/2015 18/09/2016
David MARTIN RUIZ 28/05/2015 26/05/2016
Christopher CARROLL 17/06/2015 15/06/2016

    Domínios de interesse

  • Acção em matéria de clima
  • Agricultura e Desenvolvimento Rural
  • Alargamento
  • Ambiente
  • Assuntos Económicos e Financeiros
  • Assuntos gerais e institucionais
  • Assuntos Internos
  • Audiovisual e média
  • Comércio
  • Comunicação
  • Concorrência
  • Consumidores
  • Cultura
  • Desenvolvimento
  • Desporto
  • Educação
  • Emprego e assuntos sociais
  • Empresas
  • Energia
  • Fiscalidade
  • Investigação e tecnologia
  • Justiça e direitos fundamentais
  • Juventude
  • Mercado interno
  • Orçamento
  • Pesca e aquicultura
  • Política regional
  • Redes transeuropeias
  • Saúde pública
  • Segurança alimentar 
  • Sociedade da informação
  • Transportes

    Membros e afiliação


Verein für Konsumenten-information - VKI(1),
Association Belge des Consommateurs - Test Achats – Test Aankoop(1),
Cyprus Consumers' Association(1),
Bulgarian National Consumers Association - BNAP(1),
Fédération Romande des Consommateurs - FRC CH(1),
Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband(1),
Forbrugerrådet - FR(1),
Estonian Consumers Union - ETL - Eesti Tarbijakaitse Liit(1),
Organizacion de Consumidores y Usuarios - OCU(1),
Confederacion de Consumidores y Usuarios - CECU(1),
Consommation, Logement et Cadre de Vie - CLCV(1),
Union Fédérale des Consommateurs - UFC - Que Choisir(1),
Consumers' Protection Center - KEPKA(1),
Association for the Quality of Life - E.K.PI.ZO(1),
National Association for Consumer Protection in Hungary - NACPH - OFE(1),
Consumers' Association of Ireland - CAI(1),
Neytendasamtökin - NS(1),
Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs - ULC(1),
Latvia Consumer Association - PIAA(1),
Consumers’ Organisation of Macedonia - OPM(1),
Ghaqda tal-Konsumaturi - CA Malta(1),
Consumentenbond - CB(1),
Forbrukerrådet - FR-NO(1),
Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor - DECO(1),
Polish Consumer Federation National Council - FK(1),
Association of Polish Consumers - SKP(1),
Romanian Association for Consumers’ Protection – APC Romania(1),
Sveriges Konsumenter - The Swedish Consumers’ Association(1),
Zveza Potrošnikov Slovenije - ZPS(1),
ZSS - Association of Slovak Consumers(1),
Arbeiterkammer - AK(1),
Stiftung Warentest(1),
TEST Czech association of consumers(1),
Kuluttajaliitto – Konsumentförbundet ry(1),
Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto (KKV)(1),
Consumatori Italiani per l'Europa (CIE)(1),
National Federation of Associations for Consumer Protection in Hung(1),
Alliance of Lithuanian Consumer Organisations(1)


BEUC maintains close contacts with our “big sister”, the international consumer organisation, Consumers International (CI). BEUC also plays an active role in the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), which is designed to promote contacts and exchanges with our colleagues in the US.

    Dados financeiros

01/2013  -  12/2013

>= 1.500.000 € e < 1.999.999 €

4.456.009 €

2.379.018 €

1.051.767 €

Consumer Champion Project, Cojef project, Ecodesign, Ecolabel, Confinad, FSUG

1.327.251 €

Operation Grant for European Consumer Organisation

2.076.991 €

1.829.535 €

247.456 €

BEUC’s expenses for interest representation activities in the year 2014 amount'd to 1 660 000,- € (37,3 % of our total budget).

These expenses were calculated according to guidelines agreed by the civil society contact group:

BEUC would also like to underline that the amounts indicated under the heading “public funding” have to be submitted to the following breakdown :
Operational budget: 1 327 251,- €
Budget for projects : 1 051 767,- €

These projects have been granted to BEUC as a result of competitive calls for tender/proposals issued by the European Commission. The major part of the funding related to these projects is linked to reimbursement of direct expenses and reimbursment of project partners (when BEUC is a project leader). This major part is not to be considered as a source of income to BEUC.

    Código de conduta

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