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Self-employed Individual - Independent Consultant


I - Konsulentfirma/advokatfirma/selvstændige konsulenter

Selvstændige konsulenter


Av. Hof Ten Berg, 56
1200 Brussels


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1. To provide assistance and act as an independent consultant with a friendly and more personal approach on:
- Issues related to Directive 97/68/EC (Non Road Mobile Machinery.
- Managerial, sectoral issues of SMEs dealing with engines, environment, RES, general technical issues, etc.
- EU programs and funding.
- Drafting Studies and market reports for managerial decisions.
- Public consultations, surveys, data analysis and presentations.
- Technology transfer analysis and benefits.

2. Contribute to drafting of Standards, as Member of various NORMAPME Mirror Committees.

3. Organize events, seminars, conferences.

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    Aktiviteter, der er omfattet af registret

- Monitoring and Reporting on EU Legislation and implementation requirements
- Amendment of Directive 97/68/EU and turning into a Regulation
- Amendment of Fuel quality Directive and follow up of alternative fuels legislation
- Energy Efficiency Directive an related Directives and Regulations
- Buildings efficiency Directives and legislation
- Identification and participation in EU funding programmes related to energy, environmental protection, reduction of engines emissions, vehicles and machinery replacement with safer, more economical and less polluting units
- EUP TRAN, ENVI, ITRE, CULT committees meetings
- Renewable energy sources of energy
- Engines and their placing on the market, internal market procedures and export legislation
- LNG and CNG engines and their implementation on vehicles
- Emissions health problems and implementation of methods to reduce them
- Training of users, fleet members, drivers
- Implementation of virtual and computerized workshops for secondary and tertiary education organizations
- 3D virtual technology use for training purposes

-Participation at the GEME (Group of experts on machinery emissions) as former EU POlicy Officer of Directive 97/68/EC
- Energy conservation and RES in Local Authorities
- Use of Biomass for fossil fuel dependency reduction
- Follow up of Covenant of Mayors, started as Coordinator for the Municipality of Larissa adhesion actions




GEME - Group of experts on Machinery Emissions, advisory group, assisting Commission in preparation of legislation on Nod-Road Mobile Machinery (Directive 97/68/EC).



-Invited speaker to the 4th International Conference 'Next generation Off Highway Engines 2014', Cologne, Germany, June 16-18, 2014, on EU Legislation and future developments,
-Invited speaker to the 6th International Conference of IQPC on 'Downsizing & Turbocharging', Dusseldorf, Germany (25-27 March 2014), on EU Emissions legislation and its future steps,
-Invited speaker to the International Conference of IQPC on 'Ignition Systems', on EU Emissions legislation and next steps, Wiesbaden, Germany (25-26 November 2013),
-Workshop Coordinator on 'Quo vadis ignition systems' of 26/11/2013 -part of IQPC Conference on 'Ignition Systems', Wiesbaden, Germany (25-26 November 2013).
-Invited speaker to the '3rd International Conference – Next Generation Off-Highway Engines 2013', of IQPC, on EU Emissions Legislation on NRMM, Hamburg, Germany (26-28 June 2013) (Interview available on
- Member of various NORMAPME Mirror Committees on Standards
-Author of a feasibility study of use of biomass (from tree clippings) boiler (for both pellets and chips) for the Municipality of Larissa, on EU guidelines, aiming at environmental protection, use of renewable energy sources and reduction of fossil fuel dependency.
- Coordinator on behalf of Municipality of Agia as partner, to the 'ARTEMIS' proposal under the IEE 2011 call (potential assessment and use of undergrowth as an alternative and RES biomass fuel for co-production of electricity and hot water in Mediterranean Countries, dissemination of information via seminars, training, etc.).
- Coordinator on behalf of Municipality of Larissa as partner, to the 'COVENANT TWINNING' proposal under the IEE 2011 call (technical support, provision of administrative assistance, dissemination of information and experience via seminars, staff training,news releases etc., for future implementation of the Covenant of Mayors to adherent smaller cities).
- Responsible officer for the implementation of procedures originating from the adhesion of Municipality of Larissa to the Covenant of Mayors towards a reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 20% before end of 2020.
- Participant at BiogasMax Project and research on possible implementation of results and experience, on the production of biogas at Municipal (Larissa's) landfill.

As Policy Officer for Directive 97/68/EC - Non Road Mobile Machinery-NRMM, DG Enterprise and Industry (ENTR), Unit I4, as detached Seconded National Expert, from 2007 to 2009:
- Management of the NRMM Directive (a priori substitute policy Officer of Directive 2000/14/EC).
- Initial author of 2 amendments to the Directive and 1 Impact Assessment.
- Management of 3 Impact Assessment Studies (drafting Technical Specs and follow up of the studies) at European level.
- Follow up and assessment for payment of the Technical Review of NRMM Directive, contracted to DG JRC, Ispra, Italy.
- Follow up of proceedings and equipment testing (Torino, Italy) for project PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement Systems).
- Strong collaboration with US EPA on better EU-USA policy alignment, regarding exhaust emission limits and implementation dates,fuel specifications and requirements, machinery type approval and placing on the market issues.
- Management of WTO notifications on placing on the market of NRMM machines.
- Management of the advisory Group of Experts on Exhaust Emissions (GEME - aprox. 75 pers) of EU Member States
Representatives and stakeholders (industry, institutions and associations).
- Representative of DG ENTR in the working group for the development of the NRMM Global Technical Regulation (GTR) in WP-29 under the auspice of UN-ECE in Geneva.
- Representative of DG ENTR to the work group for the revision of the Göthenburg Protocol under the auspice of UN-ECE in Geneva.

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    Medlemskab og tilhørsforhold

-Technical Chamber of Greece
-Owner of the NRMM Group at LinkedIn

    Finansielle oplysninger

01/2013  -  02/2013

< 9.999 €

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- Awareness on legal actions and policy making related to Non-Road mobile machinery, energy efficiency, fuel, RES, environmental protection, internal market, functioning of EU organizations, etc. in order to provide reports and consultation to potential clients
-Monitoring and reporting to the Municipality of Larissa - Greece on legislative proposals and actions, that could bear interest and support National Policy

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