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Chartered Institute of Taxation

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Chartered Institute of Taxation


Chartered corporation and registered charity

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Artillery House, 1st Floor
11-19 Artillery Row
SW1P 1RT London

(+44) 2073400550

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Господин  Peter Fanning

Chief Executive

    Отговорник за отношенията с ЕС

Господин  George Crozier

Head of External Relations

    Цели и задачи

Our mission is the advancement of public education in taxation. We aim to achieve this by:
• Maintaining an educational and ethical framework of the highest standard aiming to produce tax advisers of the best quality for the general public (Chartered Tax Advisers)
• Increasing the understanding of tax matters by:
* Promoting forums for tax discussion and debate
* Publishing and distributing information on tax matters
• Setting the ongoing educational and ethical practice requirements for tax advisers and reviewing compliance with those requirements, including anti money laundering supervision
• Understanding the needs of taxpayers and being able to advocate the simplest and most understandable tax delivery methods for the benefit of all sectors of society
• Being available for consultation by legislators, regulators and administrators of tax law and others and by producing high quality representations and responses

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CIOT follows EU tax discussion and policy development including:
Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base
VAT (including EU VAT portal, Mini one stop shop)
Corporate exit taxes
Financial Transactions Tax
Compliance of UK tax policy with EU law
OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project (EU input into)
Tax transparency and information sharing (EU input into)
European Taxpayer's Code
EU tax identification number
Excise duties subject to EU Directives
Customs Duty
Environmental aspects of taxation (EU input into)
Anti-money laundering policy and directives
EU Savings Directive

CIOT also follows developments around the recognition of professional qualifications

CIOT also follows the tax work of the European Court of Justice

No recent EU-funded projects. Our European Branch holds regular events for CIOT members and other tax practitioners to which representatives of EU institutions are sometimes invited.

CIOT is a member and funder of the Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE)




VAT Expert Group
Expert Group on the taxation of individuals



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25%: 4



Equivalent of one full-time staff member, with EU-related work carried out primarily by a number of members of the Institute's Technical Department. A significant amount of drafting of representations and attendance at meetings is carried out by the Institute's members, especially those sitting on its technical sub-committees. However in each case this takes up only a small percentage of their time – no more than 10 per cent in any case.

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  • Данъчно облагане


Member of Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE)

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01/2014  -  12/2014

>= 100 000 € и < 199 999 €

Не е получавано финансиране от институциите на ЕС през последната приключена финансова година.

This estimate includes the full cost of CFE registration and travel costs for meetings with the Commission, as well as the equivalent of one full-time employee

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As a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) George Crozier is bound by the CIPR's Code of Conduct. CIOT members are bound by the code Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation and other provisions regulating their conduct