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Sicurezza e Cooperazione Diplomatica Internazionale

Numéro d'identification dans le Registre : 85781978313-85
Date d'inscription : 12/03/2012 08:01:39

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Sicurezza e Cooperazione Diplomatica Internazionale


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III – Organisations non gouvernementales

Organisations non gouvernementales, plates-formes, réseaux et assimilés


Via Dei Gerani 19
00172 Roma

(+39) 062412884

(+39) 062412884

    Personne juridiquement responsable

Monsieur  Ambasciatore Eid Elias

President - CEO

    Personne chargée des relations avec l'UE

Monsieur  Ambasciatore Eid Elias

President - CEO

    Objectifs et missions

The International Diplomatic Cooperation and Security, Association is a non-profit , autonomous and independent , established in 2012 of which may be members as well as the ambassadors of the title and rank at the end of their active service, also in the political and cultural personalities . You log on to the Association by co-optation and about . The Association is not included in the Public Bodies Budget .
The purpose of the Association , using the professional experience of its members, is to provide a contribution to the analysis and study activities through publications and participation in the debate in various form on foreign policy issues on which the Association itself is projected .
The Association , in its work programs , involving personalities from politics , academia and journalism, military , diplomatic , and contributes his ideas and assessments in institutional settings with particular reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in support of this its advisory function of the active foreign policy as well as study.



In addition to its international diplomatic function , the Association also plays key roles in the prevention and protection of Human Rights , providing the international population , services and training:

• Contributes to the establishment of a just and peaceful attitude of the international community to the progress of European and international level, to the advancement of knowledge and the protection of human rights;
• Provide extensive mutual assistance between all judicial authorities in the context of existing laws in different countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
o It promotes and provides for the publication or , even through telematics tools , studies on the problems of political, legal , economic and social aspects of the international community in an efficient and permanent establishment of peace ;
o Provides or even with periodic publication , organization of conferences, events and documentation of the activities of international organizations in the world to ensure the dissemination of the currents of thought and points of view , both official and private, which are manifested in other countries regarding international issues , promotes awareness of the contributions of every single citizen of thought on the subject, publishing them as much as possible;
o Organize conferences, seminars, conferences and public discussions to raise awareness of international issues and disseminates public opinion ideals and goals of the international organization and the process of global integration;

o promotes training and further training and retraining of those, particularly young people, law enforcement, military , civilians who work or aspire to work in the various fields of international activity.

    Nombre de personnes participant aux activités décrites dans le champ ci-dessus


In addition, the Association, through its International Committee of Civil Protection is able to give a concrete development and international cooperation in the prevention, medical safety and first aid. It is composed exclusively of Organizations of Civil Protection (National and International Groups) Volunteer and operates throughout the territory with international groups and teams of the highest level of training and operations in the field, thus supporting them is also required where the National Civil Protection local state of each individual who agrees to become a part of the International Committee and then to participate as observer in the Board of Directors of the Association.
Finally we have the Scientific Committee and the Committee of Human Rights, the latter play the role of disseminating knowledge of these rights and the corresponding duties and contribute to the implementation of relevant international instruments, in particular with regard to the activities of international organizations for a their effective protection.
As part of such a reality outlines a series of projects in these our own knowledge and communication campaigns on prevention, as part of the community in which the association allocates available funds, sometimes in collaboration with local institutions.
These are the principles at the basis of the Association "INTER.DIP.COO" ready to address his or her experience and willingness to help the community and the international community.
The strong points of our work are commitment and effectiveness.

    Personnes accréditées pour accéder aux bâtiments du Parlement européen

Prénom Nom Date de début Date de fin
Elias Eid 13/05/2014 09/05/2015

    Domaines d'intérêt

  • Affaires économiques et financières
  • Affaires générales et institutionnelles
  • Affaires intérieures
  • Agriculture et développement rural
  • Commerce
  • Culture
  • Développement
  • Éducation
  • Emploi et affaires sociales  
  • Energie
  • Environnement  
  • Jeunesse
  • Justice et droits fondamentaux
  • Politique étrangère et de sécurité 

    Composition et affiliation



    Données financières

12/2012  -  01/2013

224 000 €

224 000 €

114 000 €

110 000 €






>= 100 000  € et < 150 000  €

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Ambassador Eid Elias