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acumen public affairs

Numéro d'identification dans le Registre : 85679286747-21
Date d'inscription : 20/09/2011 15:08:11

Les informations relatives à cette entité ont été modifiées en dernier lieu le: 09/09/2014 09:49:11
La dernière mise à jour annuelle date du: 09/09/2014 09:49:11

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Date limite de la prochaine mise à jour: 27/04/2015

    Entité enregistrée : Organisation ou personne agissant en qualité d'indépendant

acumen public affairs


    Catégorie de l'enregistrement

I – Cabinets de consultants spécialisés/cabinets d'avocats/consultants agissant en qualité d'indépendants

Cabinets de consultants spécialisés


Rue de la Loi, 227
Boîte postale : 4
1040 Brussels

(+32) 2 669 16 00

(+32) 2 610 77 66

    Personne juridiquement responsable

Madame  Elaine Cruikshanks


    Personne chargée des relations avec l'UE

Madame  Elaine Cruikshanks


    Objectifs et missions

acumen public affairs is an independent consultancy set up in 2010 to combine the very best of big agency experience with hands-on senior support. Founding partners Elaine Cruikshanks, Abigail Jones and Giles Keane have an unrivalled track record in public affairs and strategic communications gained over more than 50 years of working for corporations, governments, trade associations, NGOs and international institutions in Brussels, Geneva and beyond.

acumen public affairs' philosophy is to provide clients with value adding strategic counsel and high quality execution – by the same people. When we commit to an assignment, this means personal supervision and implementation by Acumen partners from beginning to end. That way we can ensure that we deliver results and surpass expectations – and do so at competitive prices that only an independent agency can offer.

acumen public affairs believes in the power of taking an integrated approach to advocacy and communication to achieve outcomes that have a tangible impact on business performance. We have a track record of developing winning strategies that are sustainable, by identifying a confluence of interest among key stakeholders. In other words, we are skilled at squaring the circle between the private and public sectors and ordinary citizens by addressing the human aspects of issues in a regulatory or business context.

  • européen
  • mondial
  • national


CAP Reform,
Clinical Trials,
Cybersecurity Strategy
Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes,
Eco-design Directive,
Energy Efficiency Directive,
EU Development Policy,
F-Gas Regulation,
Food Security,
MIFs Regulation,
NIS Directive,
Payment Services Directive,
Risk Management and Risk Communications,
Toy Safety Directive,
Transparency Directive,
Waste Framework Directive,
Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive.

    Nombre de personnes participant aux activités décrites dans le champ ci-dessus


    Personnes accréditées pour accéder aux bâtiments du Parlement européen

Prénom Nom Date de début Date de fin
Abigail Jones 18/10/2014 15/10/2015
Giles Keane 19/12/2014 17/12/2015
Elaine Jean CRUIKSHANKS 19/12/2014 17/12/2015
Uzoamaka Madu 19/12/2014 17/12/2015
Emma Brown 14/10/2014 10/10/2015
Ana-Maria Nia 24/07/2014 22/07/2015

    Domaines d'intérêt

  • Action pour le climat
  • Affaires économiques et financières
  • Affaires générales et institutionnelles
  • Affaires intérieures
  • Agriculture et développement rural
  • Audiovisuel et médias
  • Budget
  • Commerce
  • Concurrence
  • Consommateurs
  • Développement
  • Energie
  • Entreprises
  • Environnement  
  • Fiscalité
  • Justice et droits fondamentaux
  • Marché intérieur 
  • Recherche et technologie   
  • Santé publique   
  • Sécurité alimentaire 
  • Société de l'information    
  • Transports  

    Composition et affiliation

British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham)
American European Community Association (AECA)
European Public Affairs Consultancies' Association(EPACA)
EurActor by EurActiv

    Données financières

01/2013  -  12/2013

>= 600 000  € et < 700 000  €

  • Toy Industries of Europe - TIE
  • Cargill
  • Syngenta
  • EAACI - European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Organisation
  • Baltic Farmers
  • Nominet UK
  • JRAIA - Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association
  • EBU - European Broadcasting Union
  • CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association
  • EFPIA - European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
  • spiritsEUROPE
  • Mastercard
  • Daikin
  • LEO Pharma
  • PlasticsEurope Services SPRL

0 €

0 €

acumen public affairs has tried to take a very responsible approach to its ETI registration. Outlined below are the details of the approach taken.

To determine our total turnover linked to lobbying the EU institutions we:

1. started with our total fee revenue for 2013:
2. deducted all revenue generated by services completely unrelated to the EU institutions or which involved absolutely no contacts with any official or politician of an EU institution
3. included work which, while not lobbying, is very closely connected with the EU institutions and which, in pursuit of transparency should be declared

The resulting figure became our total lobbying revenue for the purposes of the register. In total our approach has excluded from registration a third of our revenue.

Given the absence of detailed rules from the European Commission, we have had to make judgments in many cases about what was and was not EU lobbying – especially when we do both EU lobbying and other kinds of work for clients. Generally, we have imposed a very wide interpretation of what should be considered lobbying. If we were helping a client to engage with the EU institutions on an issue, we have generally counted all our efforts as lobbying (preparation, intelligence gathering, strategic advice, implementing contacts, preparation of materials, media relations in support of lobbying campaigns etc) even if some aspects of the work could be excluded from registration based on informal guidance provided by the European Commission.

    Code de conduite

En s'enregistrant, l'organisation a signé le code de conduite du registre de transparence.

L'organisation a également déclaré être liée par le code suivant:
EPACA Code of Conduct