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Belgium registered NGO

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III - Kansalaisjärjestöt

Kansalaisjärjestöt, keskusteluryhmät ja verkostot ja vastaavat


Grand Cerf, 20
1000 Brussels

(+0032) 486278184

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    Tavoitteet ja tehtävät

Areas of competence

1. European Affairs
● Representation and liaison-office in Bruxelles
● Lobby & advocacy endeavours
● Accredited lobbyist
2. EU programmes expert assistance
● European programmes/ projects/ consortia design, aggregation, application, implementation, evaluation
● EU funding opportunities screening, accessing and assessment
● Expert evaluator in EU programmes – URBACT, TREN/ IEE, Culture, Youth, ICT/ PSP, RTD/ FP7
3. Management consultancy and business support
● Business planning, durable strategy development, competitiveness enhancing, entrepreneurial leveraging, business and financial modelling, investment and relocation schemes
● Belgian Guichet d’Entreprises – EUNOMIA Entry Point
● Direct investment/ business incorporation i.e. Belgium, Romania, Moldova - facilitation, local relationships building, matching and consistency, exploratory demarches and initiating research, feasibility studies
4. Project management
● Public and private, commercial-oriented and non-profit endeavours: concept, design, holistic assessment, specific evaluation, quality management, audit, PPPs
● High added-value, interdisciplinary, cross-cultural projects focusing on CIP, EE/ RES – Green energy concept, entrepreneurship and SMEs, urban/ rural/ regional durable strategic development, RTDI/ FP7, ITC, HR/ organizational culture, CSR
● Standardized approach based upon correct mix of PMI/ PMBOK, PRINCE2, BS 6079, ISO 10006
● EMotion artelier – contemporary art gallery located in Petit Sablon, Bruxelles

Targeted audience

● Triple helix – representatives of public authorities, research/ academia, businesses
● Policy and decision makers, programme managers/ planners at (inter)regional, local and territorial cooperation level
● Professional associations, industry interest groups
● SMEs and entrepreneurs, NGOs/ NFP organisations, cultural operators, individuals

Distinctive approach

BROMOTION team brings together intentionally distinct competencies, mixing the rigor of a scientist with the artist’s imagination and the efficiency of the manager. Creativity and the proclivity to novelty might be valorised in real time by team players from synergic areas of activity, the key to success being a highly performing management.
We take a special interest in challenges induced by originality, in translation of viable concepts into immediate market opportunities and subsequent tackling by specific modalities e.g. win-win partnerships between public and private environment, FP/ NFP structures

European vision

BROMOTION aims to develop a distinct space for activating synergies, enhancing the opportunities of the knowledge-based economy with rediscovered human dimension. We need to address European integration and globalisation by leveraging human potential, by supporting frameworks that could valorise complementarities.
We aim to be an entry point to Bruxelles – the European decision-making crossroads for organisations or individuals, but also an unavoidable interface for non-European players genuinely interested in realising European values and opportunities

  • euroopanlaajuisia
  • alue-/paikallistaso

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4th railway package
safe road package
european roll




Expert Group on Land Transport Security



Adding value mission

BROMOTION produces and delivers high added-value consultancy, knowledge and paradigm shifting modus operandi.
The competitive edge would be recognized around 3 pillars:
1. Holistic approach, integrating complementary/ synergetic disciplines, concepts, instruments, trends
2. Incorporating innovation and creativity as valuable assets and effective methodological gizmo
3. Pragmatic involvement based upon business-, results-oriented approach and cost-effective solutions
We address multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary environments, with various institutional definitions i.e. professional and public bodies, interest groups, industry associations, NGOs, SMEs, entrepreneurs, clusters. We accredit innovative endeavours involving actors from private and public, for-profit and non-for-profit sectors, pursuing and championing the principles of sustainable development.
For instance as innovative tool we consider Art a valuable communication catalyst, a model of good practice for new interdisciplinary approaches. At the end of the day we thrive to draw up a multifunctional hub pictured with informal, unconventional strokes where people would love to meet, learn and work together

Sustainable values

BROMOTION system of values would be modelled as a 3D balance mix:
● 1Drift – managerial rigour
● 2Drift – creativity accommodation
● 3Drift – durable chemistry

Appreciated endeavours/ assignments

Our business consists of supporting your technical/ managerial/ project promoting endeavours by realising required deliverables and creating added-value in:

Brussels representation/ liaison-office
Lobby & Advocacy campaigns
EU programmes subsidies accessing
Business/ financial modelling
Business planning
Feasibility studies
Sustainable development strategies
Audit, assessment, surveys
Studies, peer reviews, analyses, reports
Project/ concept management
Business relocation/ acquisition/ incorporation
Local relationships capacity-building
Networking/ Chamber of Commerce Antenna
Knowledge transfer facilitation
CSR, green economy, climate change, renewable energy

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  • Aluepolitiikka
  • Energia
  • Euroopan laajuiset verkot
  • Ilmastotoimet
  • Kauppapolitiikka
  • Kilpailu
  • Kulttuuri
  • Liikenne
  • Maatalous ja maaseudun kehittäminen
  • Nuoret
  • Sisämarkkinat
  • Tietoyhteiskunta
  • Tutkimus ja teknologia
  • Työllisyys ja sosiaaliasiat
  • Yleiset ja institutionaaliset asiat
  • Ympäristö
  • Yritystoiminta

    Jäsenet ja jäsenyydet



URBACT - Thematic Experts data base
PRESENCE - European independent consultants network
CORDIS - Experts for research data base


01/2014  -  12/2014

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40 000 €

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