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rue de l'Industrie, 10
1000 Brussels

(+32) 28932408

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Herr  Laura Sullivan

Head of Office

    Mit EU-Beziehungen beauftragte Person

Frau  Isabelle Brachet

Advocacy Coordinator

    Ziele und Aufgaben

ActionAid is an international anti-poverty agency which takes sides with poor people to end poverty and injustice together.

Around the world we work in local communities, listening to poor people and learning about their needs. We help them approach decision makers in their own countries, simultaneously lobbying powerful institutions such as the G8 and the EU to change the international policies and regulations that contribute to the uneven distribution of wealth.

The European Union (EU) is the largest multi-lateral donor of aid in the world and the decisions made within it have major implications for the lives of millions of people living in the developing world.

ActionAid opened its EU Office in Brussels in 1999. The function of the ActionAid EU Office is to ensure that EU policies place the fight against extreme poverty and global injustice as a central concern.

Drawing on ActionAid’s experience working in Asia, Africa, Europe and in the Americas, the ActionAid EU office focuses its efforts on optimising the political space for development within the EU by working with other civil society organisations in favour of human rights


    In den Anwendungsbereich des Registers fallende spezielle Tätigkeiten

The ActionAid EU office works on two ActionAid multi-country campaigns, from a EU perspective: A campaign against land grabs, and a campaign for tax justice.

In the framework of the land campaign, ActionAid EU office follows closely the EU development policy in the field of agriculture and food security. It is notably seeking to ensure that the implementation of the May 2014 Communication on the role of private sector in development includes adequate criteria and safeguards to ensure that the private sector effectively contributes to sustainable development and human rights. We also seek to ensure a strengthening of the rules on European financial institutions to avoid them being supportive of projects that end up being land grabs. ActionAid is also seeking to support the current reform of the EU biofuels policy, to avoid further harm on food prices and land rights outside Europe.

In the framework of the tax campaign, we are following the initiatives announced by the European Commission (first package on tax transparency that has been proposed in March 2015, second package on tax to be proposed in June 2015). Our objective is to try and ensure that the interests of developing countries will be taken into account in the framework of the proposed reforms, so that they can strengthen their domestic resources, needed to pay for health and education.

Throughout our work, we emphasise women’s rights and the need for any EU policy to promote the rights of women and girls – this can range from the role of private sector in development to access to land, from the forthcoming Human Rights Action Plan to new EU Action Plan for Gender Equality In international Cooperation and Development.

We don't plan ActionAid publications focusing in particular on the EU this year, but ActionAid is an active member of Concord, the platform bringing together all european development NGOs. In that farmework of Concord, we contribute to various publications. This year, we are contributing in particular to short briefts on Policy Coherence for Development, in the framework of the European Year for Development 2015 (EYD).

We also plan to publish this year a report on food security in the world, under a project called International Food Security Network, funded by the EU.We hope to be able to launch that report in Brussels later in 2015.







Drawing on ActionAid’s experience working in Asia, Africa and in the Americas, the ActionAid EU office focuses its efforts on optimising the political space for development within the EU. We work with other civil society organisations to seek justice on rights.

Our day-to-day work is rooted in the rights based approach to ending poverty, helping poor people to help themselves by claiming their rights, in particular:

1. Land rights and sustainable agriculture
2. Just and democratic governance
3. Education and youth
4. Resilience and emergency response
5. Women's rights

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Two other persons are based in the ActionAid Brussels office, but not contributing to the above-mentioned activities.

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Vorname Name Startdatum Enddatum
Isabelle Brachet 15/07/2015 13/07/2016


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We’re an international organisation, working with over 15 million people in 45 countries.
The full list of members (affiliates and associates), as well as of countries where we have programmes, is available here:

8 of them are in the EU (see below).


ActionAid International belongs to a number of non-profit networks and confederations. At European level, we are members of Concord and Eurodad.

    Angaben zu den Finanzen

01/2014  -  01/2015

< 9.999 €

670.240 €


Während des letzten abgeschlossenen Geschäftsjahrs keine Finanzmittel von den EU-Organen erhalten

670.240 €

670.240 €

The financial information above relates to the Brussels office of ActionAid International. For financial information related to the organisation overall, please see aggregated statement of financial activities on under 'Who We Are' 'How We Work'.

The ActionAid EU office did not receive any funding from the EU institutions (see reply above). But several ActionAid affiliates in different regions of the world have benefited from EU funding in 2014.


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